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NAFTA on Steroids and in Stealth Mode

April 22, 2015

Dear Esteemed POTUS and Congress of the United States of America:

The Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, for what I can find out about it, is of great concern to me. Much of that concern comes from the secrecy surrounding the agreement. It seems that lobbyists for wealthy corporations are in the know but the American people are being kept in the dark. That is simply not the way that a democratic republic should work.

The President has assured us that he would not support the TPP if it was not good for the American people. That sounds positive except that anyone who has eyes, and some years behind them, can see that most American people are much worse off than they were and things are not getting any better.

My adult sons, in their late thirties and early forties, with their education, skills and working experience have no better earning potential than I did in the nineteen-eighties. That would not be such a bad thing except that their buying power is not on the same level as it was for me in the eighties.

Here are two obvious examples. In the eighties, a family car could be purchased for $7-10,000. One cannot even buy a subcompact car for that price now. A family car today is more than three times the cost of one in the eighties. How about owning a home? I see little hope of that dream for my sons.

One with a short memory or poorly learned history one might wonder how this happened. The key words here might be trickle-down economics and North American Free Trade Agreement. The American names on manufactured products have disappeared. If the names are still American, chances are, more likely than not, the origin of the product is not. My own all-American Harley Davidson motorcycle is not as American as the most of us believe. It requires metric as well as standard American sized wrenches for maintenance and repairs.

We have exported American livelihood over the last thirty years and we have NAFTA on steroids being slid by under our noses with minimal knowledge to the American people. With what seems as a lot secrecy going on, I have some very specific questions.

1. Will the TPP put an international tribunal into place that will have power to override the laws of sovereign nations and their state, provincial and city governments?

2. If so, will this tribunal allow corporations to sue governments for losses due to restrictions imposed by their national laws?

3. Will the patents on high cost name-brand drugs be lengthened and thus keep more affordable generics drugs out of the hands of consumers for a longer period of time?

4. Will the TPP allow American corporations to outsource more jobs to foreign labor markets to enhance their profits?

I have written a letter similar to this to my own representatives in congress. As more leaks come through and as I discuss these concerns with my fellow constituents, I am certain that more questions will come to mind. In the interim, I will look forward to an informed and studied reply from any of you, preferably on public forum for all to view and hear.


Marlin Woosley

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Marlin Woosley is a native of Iowa now residing in southern Florida. He is veteran of nine years of service in the US Navy and is presently retired from twenty-two years in the transportation industry. Some of his interests, in addition to writing, are history, reading, dog training, motorcycling, photography and nature


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