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For the Love of Writing

March 9, 2014

For the Love of Writing

This is just a short note of explanation.  With the New Year I've been excited about being able to start working on SearchWarp again.  This website has been an integral part of my and my family's life for over a decade now, and it's its a much-missed part of our lives.

The fact is that my family is a family of readers.  Even my youngest son Nick has been reading the newspaper over breakfast since age 5.  Life is boring without something to read!  There was a time when our kids' elementary school was having a read-a-thon which included parents.  Jean had to lie about how much she read during this competition because no one would believe her (She was reading more that 8 hours a day, every day.) Yes, we love to read!

Unfortunately, Google has made it not nearly as profitable to operate a writers' community website these days.  Regardless, as long as Jean and I can pay for website hosting costs, we feel that it's important for us to keep SearchWarp operational.

In the past, we've helped unknown people become recognized experts in their fields.  We've helped people recognize that their life experiences can help others overcome their life problems. In short, we've done our best to use our position to help improve the lives of others.

I've recognized for a long time that employees tend to mimic their managers' priorities. I've also recognized this on SearchWarp as the most prominent writers have tended to mirror my own worldview.  Over the last decade, my worldview has changed. I've come to recognize that those who claim to Know the Truth are often least likely to know the truth. As Bertrand Russell wrote, "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."  I expect that with the SearchWarp of the future, this shift will become more evident not only with me, but with the entire website which I manage.

Honestly, I just want to write someplace where a few of my friends will read.  Isn't that all that any of us wants?

I love writing.  I'm looking forward to promoting more unknown writers to become recognized experts in their fields.  I sincerely hope you join me!

As part of this, I recognize that the primary reason that writers write is to be read.  My endeavors since the beginning of this year is to make SearchWarp appear more professional so it attracts more readers.  Though it may appear counter intuitive, I believe this will make SearchWarp attract more writers. Eventually I'll be able to add back in most of the interactive features that we've all loved on SearchWarp, like comments and fan clubs. Unfortunately I only have weekends to work on these features.

To the previous members of SearchWarp: I appreciate you all.  I sincerely hope your views evolve, with mine, to be the writers who inspire future generations.

Writers write.  Please let me promote you.

Bruce Horst,, A Place Where YOU Belong!

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Bruce Horst resides in Houston, Texas with his wife of 30+ years and his youngest son Nick.

His passion is making peoples' lives better through technology, as he works by day as a senior programmer and by night building his Internet of Things.

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