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Friendship to Unite us

January 13, 2014

 "I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." Abraham Lincoln

Yes, when we meet someone for the first time it may be hard to associate with him or her for we may know little about him or her. However if we take the time to get to know the person better than we may break a barrier and find common ground between us and them.

Friendship is a powerful force among human beings to befriend someone is to give them a part of you. Parts that you want to share in a loving sort of way, taking the time to get know a person i.e. to know his/her personality and character that make them stand out in your perspective.

To share a common thread between two or more individuals is when we get to know them in a more personal ground. Not only giving of you but also taking from them their most precious thoughts and beliefs. To listen intently to what they have to say for these feelings of endearment between close friends can draw two or more people into a very close-knit relationship.

If you want to make friends then be a friend to share our lives and our love amongst ourselves is when we become a part of the human race. If we would befriend our foe rather than resorting to violence then perhaps, we as the human race could finally live in peace throughout the entire world.

Befriending our neighbor rather then just an occasional greeting of hello is when we become more than just acquaintances but join in an intimate relationship.

Corresponding by mail is also an intriguing method of sharing friendship with one another. We need not let distance separate us from sharing our lives together. Our correspondence with one another is not a difficult task to engage in in today's world. For the internet for one thing has drawn us closer to one another than any other form of communication.

Therefore, let friendship unite us as siblings throughout the world. For united we stand and divided we fall. Let our unity engulf us with love for one another, not only at home but throughout the world living and working together as one big family of man.
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Dave Tanguay was born on November 8,1948 in Westbrook, Maine. The 10th. child of a family of eleven children. Served in Vietnam in the 60s, he became active with the youth movement of that day on completion of military duty. Now retired and living in Florida. (still believes in the young)

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