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Seeing The Mistakes In Others is Always Easier To Do Than To See It In Ourselves

Seeing life for other people is always easier than it is for ourselves.  It is so much clearer for most human beings to be able to see the errors of others, but seldom do they want to see it in themselves.  This does not always have to be in some major form of calamity.  Generally, the way we live enables us to see the clarity of decisions ahead of actually doing whatever it may be.

Have you ever looked at one of your friends and had the thought, ‘Life would be so much better for them if they just…’?  You have the power to help lead them to a better path.  As long as you are not imposing on their private issues in a way that has you intruding in discourteous ways, then suggestions to improve areas of struggle should be bantered about.  After all, what are friends for?  As spiritual beings, you are born with an ability to be a leader merely by extending your love and guidance in ways that are comforting.

Let us suppose that someone was routinely handling their problems with people in their family the same way.  Then you are told that none of them are speaking with your friend, but all them speak with each other.  While your friend may be the warmest, nicest and most loving person in the world, in most cases there most likely is a problem that comes from your friend that he or she cannot see in themselves.  Perhaps they have a negative tone in their voice when they speak; almost as though they are talking down to everyone.  Or they could be adamant about “being right” about everything without ever leaving room for anyone else to have an opinion.  You may notice them making a budgeting mistake, even though they feel like they are being prudent with their financial choices.  Mistakes are prevalent and a big part of why we are on earth.

It is easy to be blinded by our own ideology.  However, when you live in a way that opens you to the powers of awareness through a Higher Source, what you will find is that there are always going to be alternative ways to live and think.  While we may share with you that the universe is infinite on a fairly frequent basis, most people take that to mean it in a material sense.  The reality is that it refers to far more.  Next time you see your friends struggling, if it is not’t a blatantly obvious physical concern, you may want to say what we would tell you, which are, “Life would be so much better if you would quiet your mind and listen to what speaks to you from the walls of your soul.  It lives within you and can change your life for the better when you do.”  These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim Fargiano, an acclaimed medium/psychic and author of the book, “The Spoken Words of Spirit,” is based out of Eastern Long Island, NY. For two decades, Jim has been a teacher of spirituality, while working on a personal basis with most of his clients. The majority of his channeled messages are received for those sitting with him in a one on one private reading session. He has also been blessed with the ability to help physically heal people stricken with a variety of illnesses, but has been led to work primarily with those who have cancer. Jim shares the words, powerful energies and guidance that are sent to him from a Higher Source that initiates each person’s body to respond accordingly.

As time has passed, Jim has broadened his exposure to larger venues, giving more people the opportunity to be a part of his beautiful gift. He has been the host of many interactive events that have drawn people from many States and Canada. Although he is much more comfortable in a private setting he had to relent and step out of his comfort zone, simply allowing more and more people to hear and absorb the messages given to him from those on the other side. He has also appeared numerous times on radio and television shows aired around the world.

Jim continues to utilize many social media outlets in order to share his messages. He encourages everyone to spread his spiritual passages, allowing millions to feel the empowerment of the wisdom and non-denominational work that comes to him. 

A few years ago he decided to launch a website,, which has given all people the opportunity to browse through a plethora of new age, spiritual and nutrition related merchandise. As more and more requests come in for different healing products, Jim expects that this leg of the website will be a major addition to the healing work he already does.

Anyone interested in contacting Jim Fargiano may do so by e-mailing him directly at or by calling his office at 631-728-3377.  

Jim Fargiano can be reached on Facebook and Twitter, but most easily through his website at:

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