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The Value and the Importance of Independence!

July 3, 2012

Independence is freedom, it is a chance to choose our ways, our believes, and to be able to follow it without being prosecuted, it is having the right to agree to disagree, the right to choose our leaders, the right to have an education regardless of our color, gender, or where we were born, the decency of what make us human, our ability to Choose!

But unfortunately like everything else in life Independence and Freedom has a price, a very high price paid by those serving this wonderful country, people like you and me, like our sons and daughters, family members who put their life aside and even at times give their lives so that we can have the chances and choices of an independent country, an opportunity that they give so much value that their life is the price they willingly put on the line every moment of their day to protect it, to uphold and show its value.

I know that a lot of times many of us struggling in our daily lives forget to notice the little things, we don't appreciate enough the small things that goes unnoticed in life just because we are so use to have and take as normal, things that because of our independence and opportunity to choose our jobs, where we want to live, how we want to live, our choice of religions, and so much more. Even down to the simplest things like water, sewer, a house with roof that will not be blown away with a little wind passing by, even that many in the world lack because of their dictatorship.

So, not a day goes by that I make myself remember of how blessed we are, of the value of our independence which is priceless, because how can we ever put a price, a worthy number on the lives that been willingly given to give us this privilege of choice, and of this freedom we are so blessed to have, grateful I stand for those who gave their lives for this country, for the idea of freedom, for the families who sacrifice enduring a life after loosing those so valuable to them, a priceless sacrifice, worthy of all praises, and never to be forgotten by us, specially when they make through hell to bring us heaven.

The worst is that we don't give them the proper honor, care, support, health aid, whatever they need to finally be able to enjoy that in which they gave their life for, Thank you to all of you who has been or are there still fighting for it, God bless you and your loved ones, may He protect and bring peace to your heart when your journey is over, and may your loved ones, your family continue to be blessed and stand tall knowing how amazing you are!

Alessandro Carlo Monte, 07/03/2012, (c)
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Alessandro Carlo Monte, a messenger, God's server, an inspirational and motivational writer, writing simple words from the heart, Father of two smart, kind and loving sons ages 14 and 16 who are his life, and who one day will be a great part of Gods vision along his side.

Born in Brazil, moved to the USA at the age of 19 filled with dreams and courage, his passion for learning helped him to strive hard to accomplish his visions and overcome the trials of learning new cultures, languages in this amazing country called United States of America.

Never had a chance to spent a day in school in the USA, but worked hard not to keep him from doing what he loves to do, encourage and inspire people with simple but heartfelt words & actions that may bring a transformation in the way others see life, family, love, and faith!

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