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New Age Psychic Medium Sylvia Browne and Reptilian Aliens

January 2, 2012
alien / demonic attachment

 I am naturally cynical about ANY new age psychic these days and for a solid, good reason.

Fifteen years ago, on a Thursday night, at bedtime, I was meditating on angels and protective prayers, right before sleep.

I tried a creative self healing metaphysical technique learned from someone I admired, Sylvia Browne

After many abductions I suddenly suffered from enigmatic, diagnosed degenerative spinal disease of my neck's seven discs.

Chronic back pain would be alleviated, psychic Sylvia Brown assured me, if I followed her directions for creating a "Healing Room" where healing spirits could enter, a comfortable ornate room within which a spiritual healer could enter to heal you.

She had me carefully create a mental construct of such a "room" with a healing table in the center, which was surrounded by comforts, technology, decor and objects that I might ever crave.

I was assured by her that healing would be easier if I asked for healing for only one part of my body and she told me not be afraid of the healer when I was approached as the healer would be from God.

I was instructed that the time and effort I put into creating it, even into the ornate wood design of the handles on the central table, would pay off.

The idea was that if I took time, in fine detail, to build it, a healer will come.

There were other metaphysical preparations involving washing and imbuing myself with different colors.

It was, she said, involved metaphysics.

Sadly, results were instant, nightmarish and horrid.

I awoke in sleep to find  myself floating amongst small medical grey aliens, aboard a craft, in a small, white, medical room.

In the center of a circular room was a grey alien doctor in whites and a grey attending nurse, also in whites, absorbed in reading a chart on a clipboard.

At first, they were unaware of my presence.

Then he turned and without my saying a word he said, "Oh,so you want your back healed, do you?!"

He growled in rage and in a flash was on top of me, traversing the room in quick jumps like a jumping spider.

I relaxed expecting healing but as he lay on top of me he squeezed my spine, very hard hurting me.

I awoke in bed, in my physical body, in sudden severe pain, hollering.

 Hobbled , unable to move without angst and agony

 I  remain unable to move without assistance, since that moment.

Psychics whom are gifted are tapped into that greater "reality" that generally eludes all of us and as such they are far from distorted"mirrors" but act instead as floodlights on flatcars that pierce the darkness.

It is the monsters behind some psychic's curtains that makes some of them, "New Age" inclined, to flirt unknowingly with nonhuman alien beasts of evil and madness who are behind some of these psychic's curtains.

Grey reptilian aliens, monsters behind psychics' curtains, masquerade as spirit guides.
 Like rooftop gargoyles, they can see down our 'road' a distance, but they are far from hoped for elevated spiritual beings behind psychics' 'gifts'.

Such sinister alien beings, diabolically brilliant in deception, can be lethal, mean-spirited and vengeful, when elicted or stumbled upon.

Diabolically brilliant and technologically advanced, they exhibit the three qualities that define 'evil': predatory, sinister, and self-justifying..

Rather than a fear-based approach to Dark Force Entity safety and caution, I prescribe a required spiritual “shift”  towards the equally unseen goodness of the spirit world, and away from fear.

Unlearning fear is a step by step acceptance and assertion, of one’s spiritual ‘self’, a distance far and away from fearful  defenses mustered by one’s material physical self.

One’s longitudinal approach to any self-defense must be a spiritual one, and not a physical one.

For defenses to flare, one must  recognize that one is not a person having troubled spiritual problems, but instead an eternal soul having troubling human experiences.

From the stance of self-recognition as an eternal spirit, one can then insist on “one’s own space’ as spiritual fruition.

Avoid  church-based , organized religions and force yourself to put the Bible on the same shelf, as the Tooth Fairy ;

God, is real, but He has always been, down a long hall, and somewhere else..

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