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Winter Solstice Message: A Roller Coaster Ride

December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice, a powerful new moon, and the Christmas holidays are upon us.  So much of the past year has been about … the next EVENT.  One person shared with me it is like we have been on a roller coaster ride up and down, even upside down.  A ride that lasts what seems like seconds as time has accelerated.  And now … Now we sit at the top of a huge drop.  The question is … will the drop be the end of the ride or only the next acceleration?

What is clear  - the season; the season is a time for goodwill, celebration, joy, and sharing small acts of kindness with all.   It has been this way for time immemorial.

The message this year as we experience the celebrations, as the shortest day of the year reminds us of the acceleration of time, and we embark upon the journey to the longest day once more, is in the roller coaster.  As we have edged to the top of the ride, the view magnificent, we must let go.  Let go of all things which bind us, limit us, and holds us at the top.  These old ideas, old beliefs, and old patterns limit us from creating a new world; a world where anything is possible.  We must let go of the fear of the drop.  We must allow the most powerful aspects of life – the unification as One – create beyond our imaginations.

As we prepare for the celebrations, like the dawning of the North star that has long been a symbol in the cosmic heaves, we must prepare for re-birth, re-unification, and renewal in life.  Celebrate the re-birth of hope, the re-unification of humanity so that peace may pervade across the globe, and renewal of spirits.

Each one of us are responsible for writing our own stories.  YOUR purpose, YOUR health, YOUR prosperity are all within YOUR power to change.  We embark upon writing a new book.  It is full of empty pages for you to write upon.  Intentions, dreams, visions are all waiting to be recorded in the lines of your pages.

The view from the top of the coaster is spectacular, just as the climb to the summit of a mountain reveals.  Your strength and individuality to experience the new view reclaims your inner power; the inner powers to create, manifest, and illuminate.  Pause each day to give gratitude to the Great Spirit, to Mother Earth, to all that is Divine for the sacred gifting of inner powers.  The magnificent wonders that have been given life.  Though the remainder of the ride may be unknown, the awe and wonder even of the architecture of the vessel is powerful.  It opens a receptive soul to the power to create and be.  Within this opening – all things are possible.

The force to create will come from your intentions.  It is vital now to be sure of your intentions.  The degree and quality of your creations will be based upon your integrity of purpose, your physical unification and balance, and your empowering will.  So on this eve of the Solstice, seek the silence.  Before the act of powerful intention, find the silence.  Close your eyes and inhale deeply to the center of your being.  Find the inner source of your power – the connective spiral to all that is.  Hold the power, feel the brilliance that you are, allow the golden radiance to encompass you.  Within this breath there is no fear, no pain, no doubt.  As you exhale, all that limits, binds, and disconnects is completely released.  Inhaling again the fullness of the golden radiance around you – an inner silence of peace and joy emanate.  Here in this silence held in the golden radiance there is only powerful, loving energy; a well spring of inner power.  As you exhale, know the inner silence of your sacredness is birthed, renewed, and is receptive.

The Great Dream is possible and will become YOUR reality as you ride in oneness with all life into the New Year.
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Dr. Carla Goddard is a contemporary Medicine Woman. Trained with a Mohawk, studied with a Waiest Monk, and academia background in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Parapsychology.

She draws upon the energetic flow of life to share with people a path to heal their own souls, to find the flow of energy in their own life, and to have profound shifts in awareness. Connecting individuals with their own soul and with other soul’s to create a “tribe"; her own desire to change the world one soul at a time across the globe by envisioning what the world needs next. Believing that the change in the world will happen through active presence, active communication, and active connections to blaze a new path.

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