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Obama Should Not Escape Blame For Oil Prices - and the "Double Dip"!

Two years of the Obama presidency have been very instructive - if you have eyes to see. For instance he spent two years ramming through  healthcare that is going to have to be repealed - or done over.

Why he never, never considered JOBS as the # 1 priority of the country - He does not explain. There is no satifactory explanation.

Obama policy has been absolutely terrible as far as energy and particularly oil. Most people do not know how his drastic policies have shut down our oil resources and potential resources.  One of the many newsletters that I receive is an "Oil and Energy Investment Report". I am not going to reveal his strategies for investment ,but rather some of his 'Intell".

With gas prices going to $4.00 per gallon the havoc of the entire economy adjusting to this with prices on food, cl0thing and every item you can think of being adjusted UPWARD, and 17% REAL unemployment, the anger ( which he will surely try to obsure his HAND in this) he deserves , he will DENY.

Czeschin, an oil expert says: He has stopped the drilling.

In Iraq China beat out Exxon for rights to  a 17-billion-barrel oil field.

Saudi Arabia -  China signed so many new contracts that they now get more oil tha America. The first time in 3 decades  that the U.S. is not their #1 customer!

Brazil - China gave $10 billion to Brazil's oil giant Petrobras for 160,000 barrels for THE NEXT TEN YEARS!

Canada - Now has the world's secong largest oil reserves. America could have had first shot at this but Obama ( in his great wisdom) rejected them bcause it was not environmentally CLEAN ENOUGH.  THE CHINESE DIDN'T CARE AND GOBBLED UP CONOCO-PHILLIPS 4.5 BILLION STAKE  AND 45% OF PENN WEST ENERGY'S OIL SANDS!

Iran - This is a big no-no for him but  with no Obama-like strings the Chinese signed $70 billion dollars of contracts with them. China no gets 15% of their oil.

Venezuela has been on of the U.S's largest sources but because they're friendly with Iran Obama has tried to"squeeze" them but China doesn't care so they just want the oil! So China is investing 16 billion in exchange for 600,000 barrels a day of Venezuelan oil.

So China has nailed down about 7.1 million barrels of oil a day.  America has 11.5 million barrels a day to survive. China has now made a large part of the market unavailable.

Oil is now in  long term decline in 3 of the 4 top oil producing countries. I think that with out  doubt our great president and statesman will make the greatest mark on our country ever!

Every man for himself?
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Dr. Brice E. Vickery served in a submarine squadron in WWII. He received his doctorate from Lincoln Chiropractic College in 1951, did post graduate work, and studies at Spears  Chiropractic Hospital in Denver, CO. He practiced 45 years and founded the Connecticut Holistic Chiropractic Offices. He authored The Pocket T.S. Line Manual, The Two–Edged Sword Diet, which conquers yeast infection and celiac disease and is a keystone in his Vickery Fibromyalgia Protocol. He authored numerous magazine articles and invented TVM (The Vickery Method of Chiropractic and Osteopathy), Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus, US Pat. 6,203,820, and European patents. He introduced Vickery Sea Plant Minerals and Glyconutrients, providing correct amounts of iodine, and Sea–AloeGold, combining ten thousand years of healing and is proven applicable for GERD, celiac disease, and chronic infections. After practicing 50 years, he is now President of SuperNutrient Corporation, a nutritional consultant, and teacher.