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Uses And Versatility Of Canvas Tarps

January 14, 2011
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When one thinks of an outdoor covering for lawn furniture they generally think of a tarp. Today canvas tarps are difficult to find for the average consumer but they are used often for flatbed trucks that haul large loads. They are generally made from linen, cotton or hemp with hemp being the most durable. Although hemp is durable, today it is generally made from cotton because of its availability.

Tarpaulins are a very versatile product and can be used for just about any need. They make great coverings for seedlings in a garden and can be used to fashion a tent while on an outing. They are not only versatile but they can be very inexpensive. Prices range from a couple of dozen dollars up to several thousand.

The price of the canvas covering you choose will no doubt be reflective of the size you choose. The smaller sizes are very reasonably priced while the largest ones are rather pricey. Of course most individuals do not need one larger than the size of a patio so the cost will be economical.

Because of the natural resources these tarpaulins are made of, the canvas tarps are earth friendly. That means when it has been all used up and is finally ready for the garbage in ten or twelve years, you can rest assured that it will not harm the landfill. They also make great shelter for pets.

If you have pets that are kept outdoors a lot, this type of canvas tarp covering can help protect them from the searing sun or the rain. Pets are not the only ones who may need shelter from the elements. If you have construction material laying outdoors, the canvas tarps make the perfect refuge from the weather.

Regardless of why you are looking for a cover, you can always trust canvas tarps for their durability, strength and eco-friendly construction. There is no better time to purchase this type of cover than when you need it least. You can always find a use for it.
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  Michael Stein is a writer, director, producer and actor.  He has appeared in films such as "Love Hollywood Style" and "Boogie Nights"  opposite Faye Dunaway and Don Cheadle.  Michael Stein is also an environmentalist, actively working with many environmental and outdoor organizations.  He is the founder and CEO of Abadak Inc., an outdoor products company that supplies 1% of all their net proceeds to environmental causes.  Michael Donates thousands of tarps and poly tarp covers, annually for the homeless in his hometown of Los Angeles.