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The Benefits Of The Canvas Tarp

December 13, 2010
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A tarp is a large heavy duty piece of material that is usually waterproof and often even chemically treated to offer a number of other desirable qualities. It is often used as a protective covering in areas that are not otherwise protected from the elements. Or they can even be used to cover items that are in storage to protect them from bugs and mildew. The canvas tarp has been around for decades. It was perhaps the first material that tarp was created from. And it is still popular today.

Canvas tarps are used for both business and residential purposes. Those who are doing projects around the house often find them invaluable accessories. In fact, anyone who has ever done their own painting job likely still has one around the house. It is nearly impossible to do painting without a good covering to protect the carpet or other flooring and furniture from paint splatters.

Many industries find these effective for everyday business needs. For instance, the majority of farming and agriculture industry work is completed outside. And outside, the rain and other elements can really prove to have a damaging effect on things that are not covered. Equipment, feed, hay, fertilizer, and tender young plants are just a few of the things that need to be protected on a daily basis.

Those who are builders often need to cover a structure until they have completed it. They may also need to leave tools and equipment on site, so it is nice to have something to cover them with, both to protect them from weather, but also to keep them hidden from predators.

Anyone living in a part of the world that is affected by hurricane season will tell you that one of the items they make sure to have in their emergency kit is the tarp.  The canvas tarps are especially valuable because of their waterproof and heavy duty qualities. If you get the types with grommets, they are very easy to tie down and can withstand some heavy winds.

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  Michael Stein is a writer, director, producer and actor.  He has appeared in films such as "Love Hollywood Style" and "Boogie Nights"  opposite Faye Dunaway and Don Cheadle.  Michael Stein is also an environmentalist, actively working with many environmental and outdoor organizations.  He is the founder and CEO of Abadak Inc., an outdoor products company that supplies 1% of all their net proceeds to environmental causes.  Michael Donates thousands of tarps and poly tarp covers, annually for the homeless in his hometown of Los Angeles.