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Truth In Politics – How Politicians Dress A Pig

October 4, 2010

Oh for the days when those who aspired to political office were men or women of character who wanted to serve our nation and not find their 15 minutes of fame and leave behind a legacy. Cheers to those politicians whose purpose was to become one of many hands helping this country prosper instead of desiring to become a page in a history book.

Today we clamor for truth: truth in advertising, full disclosure, transparency in office. In actuality what we are being given instead is a bunch of hogwash. Our politicians have learned how to "dress a pig".

Dressing a pig means to put a pretty layer onto something that is deep down quite ugly or bland. The past three generations of politicians have learned to do that very well.

We'll put aside for the moment the political two-step dance that career politicians use by saying one thing but meaning another. We'll cover that another day. I want to talk instead about image being more important than substance.

Thanks to the advent of television voters are now able to vote for their favorite candidate because of their looks. Sad but true is the fact that most voters have no idea where their candidate of choice stands on issues or what their platform is but they can tell you what they, and the opposition, looks like. Voters are more likely to support a candidate that appears young, vibrant and attractive.

Just look at the race between JFK and Richard Nixon. Those that watched the Kennedy-Nixon debate on television were swayed by the physical charisma Kennedy exuded over the sweaty upper lip of the more experienced Nixon and showed it with their votes. Those who listened to the debate on the radio instead were more impressed with what the candidates said giving more of their votes to Nixon.

Thanks to perception being everything our politicians now hire "image consultants". Heaven forbid our future representatives wear the wrong colors for television or come off looking less than perfectly put together. That is of course unless they are stumping at a blue-collar rally in which case take off coat and tie and roll up the sleeves! It is more important for female candidates to have perfectly coiffed hair, the right amount of makeup and a kick-butt power suit than to actually have a strong reason to serve.

Once properly presentable our political dynamos do not simply rest on their now gorgeous laurels. Since they have no real platform to stand on they have to figure out how to market themselves as the prettier pig. Now the opposition researchers get their chance to shine.

Yes ladies and gentlemen there are actually people out there whose job it is to wallow in the mud and dig up any kind of dirt they can on the opposition. Gone are the days when two candidates debated the issues. Instead today we have candidates who spend their days slinging mud at one another hoping enough of it will stick showing they are still the prettier candidate.

Once elected our political pigs can then peel off their veneer and get ready to get down to their real purpose: adding lots more pork to the barrels of financial debt. That is until the next election cycle when it starts all over again.

We don't live in a society like Orwell's Animal Farm. It's time we took politics out of the barnyard and put it into the backyard instead. Into the backyard of every citizen and every community that needs ours representatives being true men and women again and not dandified versions of what they think we want to see.

This election cycle start pulling off the dresses of those pigs. Make sure your candidate has more substance than style. Let's get out of the mud hole and help Washington wash off the stench of years wallowing in the excrement of lies.
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Dixie Bull is a wife, mother and daughter concerned about the degeneration of today's society.

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