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Obama Should Be Impeached And Tried For Lethal Conspiracy Against The American Citizen

Before I dug up this information I had " someone " call the CDC asking for the National Health Agency in Mexico. The person, female, who answered was un-cooperative and even slightly hostile. Questions were asked like " what is your zip code? " , " we are not permitted to give that number " , " why do you want to know? " Furthermore the WHO information was largely covering death under five years old and no information on Mexican infectious disease was easily forthcoming!

This was all we needed and sure enough- the " pros " had been there for years! This article is all you need to know. Don't forget this is mainly about TB which may be incurable – ignoring a list of killer diseases which is longer than your arm! TB is not a pleasant death.

Is CDC covering up skyrocketing TB rate?

Insiders say center trying to cook the books, spin the numbers

Posted: March 19, 2005

1:00 am Eastern

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Editors note: Joseph Farahs G2 Bulletin is an online, subscription intelligence news service from the creator of – a journalist who has been developing sources around the world for almost 30 years.

WASHINGTON – The Centers for Disease Control is trying to " cook the books " and " spin the numbers " in a new report that downplays the spread of tuberculosis in the U.S., insiders within the Atlanta-based U.S. agency tell the premium, online intelligence newsletter Joseph Farahs G2 Bulletin.

The CDC released a report today portraying a serious TB threat worldwide and a declining disease rate within the U.S. But the CDC, say insiders, is not coming clean on the increasing domestic threat, largely posed by dramatic population increases in recent years by illegal immigrants.

The agency also said that " despite the nationwide downward trend, TB continues to exact a severe toll on many U.S. communities. Seven states now bear more than half the total burden of TB disease in the U.S. California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas account for 59.9 percent of the national case total. The toll continues to be greatest among minority and foreign-born individuals, who consistently have higher rates of TB disease.

But CDC sources say the report is a reflection of " political correctness " inside the agency – a political effort to whitewash what some health officials see as an alarming new threat of TBs spread largely by illegal foreign immigrants.

" When you acknowledge, as the CDC has, that one-third of the worlds population is carrying this bacterium and you admit that we have some 20 million foreigners inside this country largely unaccounted for, you begin to understand the threat, " said one G2 Bulletin source. " Its serious. And the facts are being withheld from the American people because of political correctness toward the question of illegal immigration. "

The CDC does offer some interesting statistics in its report:

  • In 2004, minority populations had rates of TB significantly higher than the overall U.S. average. The 2004 TB case rate among Asians was 20 times higher than that among whites (26.9/100,000 and 1.3/100,000, respectively), while blacks (11.1/100,000) and Hispanics (10.1/100,000) each had rates eight times higher than whites.
  • In 2004, for the first time, there were more cases of TB among Hispanics than any other ethnic group. However, the TB rate among Hispanics decreased slightly from 10.3 in 2003 to 10.1 in 2004. This divergent trend was the result of a 3.6 percent increase in the U.S. Hispanic population between 2003 and 2004.
  • The TB rate among foreign-born individuals (22.5/100,000) was nearly nine times the rate among persons born in the United States (2.6/100,000). Individuals born outside the United States accounted for more than half (7,701 cases, or 53.7 percent) of all new TB cases in 2004.
  • While the TB rate among U.S-born persons has declined 64.6 percent over the past 12 years, the rate among foreign-born persons has declined only 33.9 percent.
  • Ninety-five percent of Asians reported to have TB in the U.S. in 2004 were foreign-born. Foreign-born individuals also accounted for the majority – 74 percent – of cases among Hispanics in the U.S. Globally, Asia accounts for the largest number of TB cases. The impact of TB on Mexico is also worrisome because many Hispanics diagnosed with TB in the U.S. were born in that country.
" Even though preventable and treatable, TB remains a serious airborne disease – one with the ability to adapt, grow stronger, and travel from one country to another as easily as people do, " said the report. " The health threat must continue to be taken seriously, both here in the U.S. and abroad. "

The CDC also acknowledged the border problems by suggesting the agency was attempting to address them by strengthening " global partnerships to address TB among populations hardest-hit by the disease. "

" These efforts include improving overseas screening for immigrants and refugees, and testing recent arrivals from high-incidence countries for latent TB infection, " the report said. " CDC is also improving the notification system that alerts local health departments about the arrival of immigrants who are known or believed to have TB, and collaborating with public health teams in Mexico to improve TB control among those who frequently cross the U.S.-Mexico border. "

Last week, a report in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons blew the whistle on the way illegal immigration is threatening to destroy Americas prized health-care system.

" The influx of illegal aliens has serious hidden medical consequences, " writes Madeleine Pelner Cosman, author of the report. " We judge reality primarily by what we see. But what we do not see can be more dangerous, more expensive, and more deadly than what is seen. "

According to her study, 84 California hospitals are closing their doors as a direct result of the rising number of illegal aliens and their non-reimbursed tax on the system.

In addition, the report says, " many illegal aliens harbor fatal diseases that American medicine fought and vanquished long ago, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease. "

The subject with the illegal aliens here was DRTB. You don't even want to hear the numbers on leprosy. Many of you will be serious skeptics and the fanatics will foam at the mouth when reading this.

A little thought and a little search can bring you up to date: They fiddled with the immigration during the Johnson administration and they were talking about numbers like 250,000. They had some standards that seem to be forgotten such as - HEALTH EXAMINATIONS! Our stupid sheople never seem to think that their ideological lunacy can kill and maim their own children.

Many countries around the world have much higher standards :such as you must be of similar persuasion to the existing population. You must be self sufficient. You may have to fit into a category quota of either professional or craftsman skills.

This is180 degrees apart from taking in people who cant-wont speak, English, are ignorant, immoral, sick, and heretofore, hated us Gringos!

Shut the border down! Throw out the 20 million illegal aliens. Impeach Obama. Try him for " high crimes and misdemeanors " . Sentence him!

Get America back for the Americans and let the " banana republic " rabble keep having revolutions and violence with " their own kind! "

This MAY not be politically correct!

Praise God!

Brice E. Vickery, D.C., N.D.m

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