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The Goddess Speaks to Women about the Earth and Feminine Power

Dedicated mother and endowed scholar Dorothy Atalla (Chickee to her friends) never expected a trip to Petra, Jordan in the 1970's would take her on a journey that would transform her life. During several years of meditation and study that followed her profound experience at Petra, Chickee encountered a growing understanding of the Divine Feminine's role in our lives. Her series "The Goddess Speaks" reveals what The Goddess of her meditations had to say to us all about the evolution of consciousness.

The Goddess spoke to Chickee in one conversation about the relationship of human consciousness to the earth, particularly the tranformative powers of women and the impact the feminine has on planetary evolution.

"Human consciousness is not separate from the light and dark aspects of planetary existence. Human consciousness can transmute the light and the dark into a new reality; but to do so, it needs to stay in touch with earth forces, and not reach only toward celestial ones as it has been won't to do.

"Humankind must fearlessly descend into the heart of earth, to earth's most primal energies within the self, to fully understand what is sacred within the self. Human beings will be surprised to find that what is most sacred within the self is not the light only.

"Earth energies and self are not separate.

"Human consciousness and the planet's consciousness are one. Therefore whatever evolutionary steps humanity takes affect the whole planet.

"Human consciousness can be called the antenna for planetary evolution, since it picks up the universal spiritual impulses which will affect the entire planet. At the same time human consciousness acts as a sensor for evolutionary currents, it is also capable of transmuting what-was-before into what-is-to-come, thus bring into being a new reality.

"You are serving planetary evolution right now. In what you now do in your life.

"Your view of what your life is about as a person who is female, mother, and householder is too small and distorted. Also, you are part of the "grand scheme of things" and you do count in the scheme. And you have more power than you think.

"I'm speaking of living patterns, emergents from nature, specific to females of the race. You humans might call these patterns "archetypal." There are also living fields of knowledge created by the lives and struggles of women over centuries. All women participate in these. You humans might call these "morphogenetic fields." (The realities embraced by your human concepts of "archetype" and "morphogenetic field" are actually not separate from each other.) When women depreciate the importance of this reality in their lives, they cut themselves off from the very fountains of their life. An individual draws life not only from these patterns but also from the field of women's past knowledge and experience. When women depreciate their own female power, they deny the unique connection with the primal matrix which is theirs as females.

Female Power Transcends Roles

"And even though feminine patternings what you could call possibilities and tendencies are latently present as a seed in human nature, a woman does not have to actually express them in action. She has choice. And what I'm saying is not reinforcement of a role. The issue of female power goes beyond the issue of validation or invalidation of a role.

"Roles are human constructs, ways of thinking about how a female person or a male person should live, what qualities they should enact. I am speaking of something which goes beyond human thoughts about gender and roles. I am speaking of living sources of human life, for "archetypes" and "morphogenetic fields" are simply words for describing living patterns which are part of human beings' lives.

"This is a source of power which goes beyond roles. I'm speaking of the powers of earth, powers of transformation, which are beyond human thoughtforms about gender and roles.

"The "new birth of consciousness" is an evolutionary change for humankind and the planet, in which human consciousness shifts from an old way of thinking to a new way of thinking, from an old paradigm for living to a new paradigm for living.

"All of this occurs with the re-emergence of myself, the Goddess. So there is even now occurring a shift from dominance by the masculine principle, or yang, as the Taoists called it, to a new focus on the feminine principle, or yin. This will pervade human culture and change the face of the planet itself. Eventually humanity will shift from one way of life to another way of life.

"This is a new birth in consciousness because there will evolve a new way of living, a new culture, a way of relating to the planet that is entirely different from those ways prominent in previous cycles. This is all bound up in the evolution of human consciousness. This is the new birth, the divine child, the new reality."

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Dedicated mother and endowed scholar Dorothy Atalla (Chickee to her friends) never expected a trip to Petra, Jordan in the 1970’s would take her on a journey that would transform her life.   Upon returning from her profound experience, Dorothy began to study ancient history, mythology and religion, archaeology, depth and transpersonal psychology, quantum physics, and the evolution of consciousness.  Her book Conversations With the Goddess brings the emergent wisdom and power of the Divine Feminine to modern readers and affirms every woman’s role in the story of The Goddess.  Visit to learn more and buy the book.