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How To Personalize Your Pizza

March 15, 2010

You can select from a wide range of toppings to adapt a pizza to your taste. And if you're going to indulge yourself, why not do it properly? But if you found it hard to select a pizza from the menu, choosing the right combination of all available ingredients might seem a mission impossible You're hungry and you want your pizza now! So here's an easy taste guide to help you combine your favourite toppings.

Step 1: The first topping that comes to mind
When thinking about pizza, there's usually one ingredient that comes to mind immediately. When it comes to eating, your intuition is always right, so don't make any compromises here. Whether your feel like pepperoni, pineapple, pesto or prawns, there is a unique combination out there that will send your taste buds to heaven.

Step 2: Counting calories?
Unless you have a second topping in mind that has to be on your pizza, this is the moment to ask yourself whether you want to keep an eye on the calories or want to indulge yourself. This will help you decide whether you should consider deep pan and cheese stuffed crust pizza's, or stick to a thin crust bases or calzone. If you want to stay on the healthy side, you might also want to turn a blind eye on greasy toppings such as extra cheese, pepperoni, meatballs, sausage and bacon. For healthy varieties, think along the lines of sour cream, mushrooms, pineapple and reduced fat cheese.

Step 3: Choose a good support act
To help you find the perfect combination, here's a list of tastes that go well together. Use your creativity to pick and mix a special treat for yourself. But remember: when it comes to flavours, less is more.
Anchovies – capers; chilli; mozzarella; mushrooms; olives; sausage.
Barbeque Sauce – bacon; chicken; fresh fruit; Portobello's.
Chicken – chilli; feta; pesto; pineapple; roasted vegetables; sundried tomato.
Goat's cheese – roasted vegetables; pesto; pineapple; seafood; spinach.
Pepperoni – asparagus; chilli; extra cheese; roasted peppers; salami; pesto; pineapple.
Pineapple – chilli; ham; ground beef; jalapeno peppers; pepperoni; salami; other fruit.
Prawns – anchovies; avocado; black olives; chilli; garlic; mushrooms; pineapple; red onion; spinach and feta; other seafood.
Spinach – egg; feta; goat's cheese; onion; roasted pepper; sundried tomato.
Tuna – cheddar; garlic; pineapple; prawns; spinach; sweet corn; other seafood.

Step 4: Word of warning
Before you place your order, try visualizing what you're going to get. Does it seem appealing? No? In that case, your combination might need a simple adjustment.
You might have overdone it and added too many ingredients! Not to worry. Check if you've got several of the following toppings on your pizza and simply leave out one of the troublemakers.
- strong cheeses
- pineapple
- egg
- chilli or jalapeno peppers
- pesto
- barbeque sauce
- tikka massala sauce

Step 5: Add a Can't Go Wrong topping
Or perhaps your pizza seems a bit boring? In that case, there are certain ingredients that go well with most other flavours.
- Extra cheese
- Red onion
- Cherry tomatoes
- Black olives

Creating the ideal pizza seems simple but it's easy to make mistakes in taste combinations. Follow the advice of" online pizza delivery outlets or the classic Italian suggestions if you want to end up with great tasting results. The author has sampled pizzas all over the world and can testify to the style and creativity of the home of pizza for a safe option.
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