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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

February 27, 2010
Chisel & Plane
Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the code phrase adopted by the Democratic Party to grant amnesty to all those people who have entered the country illegally and giving them fast-track toward citizenship. I believe this is wrong because it sets a horrible precedent to those who have taken the time and energy to enter the country legally. Why bother to follow the laws of the United States, obtain a visa, and enter the country legally when merely walking across the border and then just waiting until you're granted citizenship by Congress.

This is the what the Democratic Party has wrought. The pending legislation, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (CIR ASAP) has 92 cosponsors...all Democrats. This legislation wil:

Legalization: The bill creates a legalization program for qualified undocumented immigrants (and their spouses and children):

Those who qualify would receive a conditional nonimmigrant visa which is valid for six years. This visa allows legalized immigrants with work and travel authorization and protection from removal.

To qualify, an applicant must:

  1. Establish they have been in the U.S. illegally before December 15, 2009. Attest to having made contributions to the U.S. through employment, education, military service, or other volunteer/community service (with exemptions for minors, persons with disabilities, the elderly, or other unusual circumstances).
  2. Pay an application fee and a $500 fine.
  3. Not have any convictions for a felony or for three or more misdemeanors.
Certain immigrants who are in removal proceedings, facing removal, or ordered to depart voluntarily would be able to apply for legalization.

All bars related to undocumented status such as using a false Social Security number -- will be waived (but security and criminal bars cannot be waived).

DREAM Act: Undocumented individuals who were brought to the U.S. before the age of 16 will apply for legal status through the same program outlined above.

  1. Eligible persons will not have to pay fines.
  2. Such persons will be eligible for accelerated LPR status upon graduation from high school, and completion of two years of college, military service, or employment. Persons granted LPR status under this provision will be eligible for naturalization three years after the date LPR status is granted.
  3. Individual states will be permitted to determine whether undocumented students can benefit from in-state tuition rates.
In other words it will grant not just amnesty, but will fast-track those who entered the country illegally and give them citizenship before all those who have followed the laws of this country. There is something fundamentally wrong with this entire concept. The Democratic Party has the further hope that by creating roughly 30 million instant citizens that these people will then register to vote as Democrats and thus create a huge imbalance in the current near parity in party membership.

When you reward bad behavior, you merely encourage it. If this legislation is passed it will encourage ever more people to flout the immigration process that our government has enacted and will persuade many more people to illegally enter the country in the hope that in a few years they too will be given instant citizenship.

Those are the fundamental flaws in this peice of legislation. In this time of deep recession, we need to ensure that those economic sectors that have been hit the hardest are given some relief. At the moment, the construction industry is at a near stand still. Those few companies that are still working, are often using illegal immigrants because they will work for much, much less than legal workers. Furthermore, these companies are not paying taxes on these workers further reducing the revenue the government needs to function, and thus contributes the deficit.

The best way to remove the incentive for illegal immigration is not to prosecute those individuals that come to America seeking work, but rather to actively prosecute those who hire them. This is a fundamental change in the way the government approaches illegal immigration. By removing the incentive to hire illegal workers, more Americans who are unemployed.

First of all, by changing the laws in such as way that an employer who is fined $10,000.00 per illegal worker he is employing for a first offense would, initially show that the government will no longer countenance the use of illegal workers. A second offense would incur the loss of business licenses as well as an increased fine of $20,000.00 per illegal worker. A third offense would be a $30,000.00 fine as well as a jail term of one year per illegal worker, those additional years would be served other words, if you're caught 3 times with 10 workers, you will be fined $300,000.00 and serve 10 years inn prison.   A system similar to this was instituted by the city of Knoxville, Tennessee a few years ago.  In a very short time, the number of companies using illegal workers was reduced to a very small number.  After all, who wants to risk their ability to have a business if they are caught using illegal workers?

This would in fact be a fundamental reform of our immigration system. It would rapidly remove any and all incentive for companies to hire people who are in this country illegally, and would immediately put unemployed Americans back to work. Of course since it is a relatively simple solution of complicated problem, there is very little chance that this country would implement such legislation.

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