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How to Make Files Write Protected & Delete Proof?

Here I come again with another interesting topic related to data security. As you all know very well how important it is to secure your private and confidential data from unauthorized access and hackers, I have also discussed this issue in my first article "How to Secure Your Confidential Data" and shared some useful tips and applications that can protect your valuable data.

There are many aspects of data protection and many chances of getting your data lost or misused. Although you should always keep a safe backup of your important files and folders, but still its quite necessary to protect your data from getting deleted or lost. You may find dozens of software and applications claiming to protect your data, but not all of them are good enough to be used. In fact only few products are available in the market developed by recognized and well-known companies that can be used, but even then it is quite difficult to decide which software suits your requirement best. I always recommend choosing software sensibly keeping your requirements and needs in mind.

Let me explain; suppose you have some important documents that you want to protect in such a way that other can access those documents but still can't delete or modify it. This is the most common scenario that many professionals face every day. The solution would be software that lets you protect your files and folders from getting deleted or modified yet allows you to access protected data.

Now, the question is how to find such a unique software, because most locking and encryption software and applications lock your data and protect it from unauthorized access but that data cannot be accessed without unprotecting it before, and once you unprotect your data in order to access it or use it, any other user who has access to your computer can very easily delete your files. In this case, you need a special application that can protect ‘Data in Use'. I'll explain this term in my next article.

Folder Protect is a unique program available in the market that offers ‘Data in Use' protection and allows you to choose what level of security you want for your files and folders. With Folder Protect, you can protect your data the way you always wanted. For instance, you can prevent deletion and modification of your data, can also hide it and even can block access to it.

Folder Protect offers four different levels of security labeled as ‘No Access', ‘No Visible', ‘No Write' and ‘No Delete'; and lets you protect your files, folders, drives, installed program and even system wide extensions. With Folder Protect installed on your computer, you can choose between making your files inaccessible, hidden, delete-proof and write-protected. It is unique because your protected data remain accessible yet protected, so that you can easily give access to others without fear of losing your data.
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