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10 Funniest Christmas Game Ideas 2 Play At The Xmas Dinner Table & Festive Topics 2 Talk About

Thinking of going to the movies on Christmas day, no, me neither. What a ridiculous idea when you can have more fun at home. And anyhow whats the chances of the flicks opening on this festive day... coz don't cinema staff like to have fun too. People tend to think Christmas games are played after the table is cleared and dishes put away, and everyone's settled around the fire. Not wanting to burst your bubble but aside from the time of opening the Christmas gifts, it is at the time of stuffing your face with turkey when the fun starts.

According to new figures in the news today it was announced that Sir Bob Geldof's well organized Band Aid's 2004 version of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" is the decade's best-selling seasonal song in Britain, so this tells you it's a must have along with Wham's "Last Christmas". Consider both songs to play in the background while everyone eats and has fun.

Once grace is over thanking the lord for this day, that is when the fun begins. To start the ball rolling you can pull a Christmas cracker and tell each other the jokes inside. People don't realize how long they sit around the table while waiting for their Christmas dinner and the time it takes to digest it. It can take a couple of hours so why not make this time - jolly time.

Although planning how to decorate the Christmas dinner table and what to cook is important, it's just as important that those plans include Christmas activities that can be played around the table. If you do this and happen to forget about the turkey in the oven and it ends up burnt, you'll have time to rustle something else up without the guests even noticing, all because they're too busy having a good time. Can you imagine if this did happen, a lot of people would be left sat with rumbling bellies, which wouldn't be fun at all.

Christmas Game 1 Who am I?

Under each plate place a card with the name of a famous person written on it. The person sitting to the side of that person will stick the card with sell-o-tape to that person's forehead without them seeing the name. All other players can see the name bar the player whose head it is stuck to. This person will ask questions to get clues as to which famous celebrity they are. Because this is a guessing game you can vary with topics like TV programs, films, food, holiday resorts, places and musical instruments even motor cars. It's your call and your Christmas party so you get to choose.

Christmas Game 2 - Hum a Tune

Hand everyone seated round the Christmas dinner table a list of 5 songs or Christmas carols. They then have to hum the tune to that song/carol for others to guess. A game guaranteed to bring laugher especially if people can't sing in tune let alone hum

Christmas Game 3 - Christmas Anagrams

Give everyone a pencil and list of anagrams of something related to Christmas for them to solve to get the answer

Christmas Game 4 Christmas Lookalikes

Ask everyone to write down who they think the person sitting next to them looks like and why. It has to be a Christmas character out of a novel or other. Keep it funny so not to offend. Or you could ask the people to mimic someone from out of a book or read a verse from a Christmas carol and the other guests have to guess what the carol title is, or who they're mimicking.

Christmas Game 5 Christmas Story Time

One person will start the game off by making up a story about Christmas and stop after two or three sentences. The person sitting adjacent will carry on from where they left off and so on.

Christmas Game 6 Christmas Trifle

If you're feeding six this Christmas then make 6 mulchy soggiest trifles. In the trifle hide nuts or cherries and the first to find the amount of nuts you placed inside will be the winner. Hands can be used but it's funnier using the mouth.

Christmas Game 7 Christmas I Spy

Everyone can play I spy. Make it different and give people a pencil and paper and tell them to write down everything they see connected in the room beginning with a particular letter. Leave them to do this while you baste the turkey. The person with the longest list is the winner

Christmas Game 8 Christmas Alphabet

One person will start the game beginning with the letter A and name something associated to Christmas, and the next person B and the next person C and so on until someone can't think of anything

Christmas Game 9 Pass the Christmas Parcel. You need no more than plenty of Christmas wrapping paper, a prize and music.

Christmas Game 10 Christmas leave it out

Have a guest tell a story about Xmas and pick one word from the festive period and state that throughout the story it shouldn't be mentioned. To make the game exciting explain to them participating that it's best if they can try and force this word out of the next person with their sentence they deliver. If the word is uttered that person is out.

You could just indulge in some interesting Christmas chit chat around the table and let your guests learn from it

1. Enlighten your guests on how the Christmas tree has been popular in Germany since the 16th century and that Britain seen neither sight nor sound of it till 300 years later. Prince Albert husband of Queen Victoria came from Germany and made a tree part of the official celebrations at Windsor Castle.

2. The late great rock legend John Lennon ex member of the Beatles who was 29 years dead yesterday after being shot (Dec 8th) sent to Beatles manager Brian Epstein a Christmas card, but it was no ordinary Christmas card that pops through your letter box. It turned out to be the most expensive Christmas card ever after it sold at auction for 5,600 because it was personally hand drawn by Lennon himself. Christmas cards came about in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. Centuries ago people sent Christmas greetings written down on a full sheet of paper. Cole with aching wrist commissioned an artist to design cards and write a short festive message on the inside.

3. If it were not for booze and the drunken glass blower we may not have the Christmas Bauble. 200 years ago, Bohemian glass blowers to quench their thirst would drink ice cold beer to help cool them down while working in hot conditions. Of course the hotter they become the more the drunk. They would challenge themselves to who could blow the biggest glass bubbles, hence creation of the bauble.

4. It was never always the turkey sat in the middle of the Christmas table; it used to be pig's heads and mustard. We owe a lot to Queen Elizabeth who on hearing the destruction of the Spanish Armada on Christmas Eve 1588, called for everyone to eat the meal she had eaten earlier that day - roast goose. Turkey became favorite Christmas meat in the 1700s.

5. The Ukrainians use fake spiders and cob webs to decorate their trees, and it's supposedly lucky to find a real spider web on Christmas morning.

6. Back in 1647 Christmas was forbidden, although celebration was not permitted across England, it didn't dampen the festive Christmas spirit which remained in people. It was Oliver Cromwell's puritans accountable for this. Pro-Christmas riots broke out across the nation but the holiday wasn't officially reinstated until King Charles II intervened making it once again a time for celebration 13 years later.

7. Why is the X in 'Xmas it is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ Xristos.

When dinner is over and bellies full and everyone's sides hurting from laughing they will thank you for making this Christmas one of fun and educational. Your Guests won't remember the stuffed bird half as much as the bird that stuffed them with knowledge

Get Christmas day entertainment right for around the table and your friends and family guests will leave your house happy and a lot wiser to the meaning of Christmas than when they first walked through the door.

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