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President Barack Obama, Homer Simpson, the Smurfs, and Drugs Equal American Ingenuity

Who says American entrepreneurship is dead? Who says American ingenuity is a thing of the past? Not so fast . . . recently, police officers made a routine traffic stop in Texas that turned out to be anything but routine. There really is no such thing as a routine police traffic stop as anything can occur when making a seemingly boring stop. This stop certainly was no exception and what police found was quite unique, interesting, and kind of funny too.

During the stop, officers noticed and seized numerous illegal drugs from a 22-year-old male driver. Heroin, cocaine and marijuana were confiscated. This in itself is not unusual and happens every day in Texas and pretty much all over the US. However, as the drugs were being seized something quite different caught the eyes of officers.

Officers noticed brightly colored pills shaped in unique images. After closer inspection, the images were quite easy to make out. They were pills shaped into the direct likeness of President Obama, the Smurfs and Homer Simpson. You know, kind of like those Flintstones vitamins for kids that are supposed to entice children into taking them. These pills were not vitamins though. They were Ecstasy pills. Ecstasy is an illegal synthetic drug, which means it is man made. It can create feelings of euphoria, lessen feelings of fear and anxiety and can induce a sense of intimacy with others. It is a popular illegal drug across the country.

As with most products in America these days, people are buying less. Times are tough and people are careful where they spend their money. In response, retailers are beefing up marketing strategies to keep their profits up. It appears this enterprising individual had his thinking cap on. Apparently, he was rising to the occasion of a slow economy and was being innovative, imaginative and proactive. That's the American spirit. . . well sort of. Maybe when he gets out of jail some smart company should snatch him up, make an honest man out of him, and help get our economy rolling.

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