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Will Nintendo be Sued for Having 3 Ns in their name?

August 18, 2009

The fist thing you think when you look at that title is: "daft". But it's an honest question. Will Nintendo be sued for having 3 Ns in their name? Considering what they have been sued for in the past, yes they will. People have been suing Nintendo for years. And I've noticed that it's over stupid things. There's one reason why, and only one reason. It's the only important thing in the world to some people. I am, of course, talking about the one, the only, money.

Money and greed control people's lives. And because Nintendo has a lot of money, naturally everyone else wants a cut. But by suing them over stupid things? Please. it's a waste of your time, and most likely a waste of YOUR money, not their's.

Enough jabbering, because it's time we give some examples.

Most, if not all, gamers know that the GameCube's fan base was so low that it died financially. So clearly, the GameCube and it's controllers would be left alone now, right? Right? WRONG. In 2008, Nintendo were sued by Anascape because they had a patent on the analog stick. Genius. Sue Nintendo for a controller that's pretty much dead (unless you play Smash Bros Brawl, then it's not) and a controller designed to make the Virtual Console seem more, well, classic. Suing someone over a dead remote is very silly, if you ask me. Sadly, you probably aren't asking me because I'm not an expert.

While there are worse, I don't want to drag this article on. I think one example is enough. So the gist is this: Nintendo are sued for stupid things so people can make money.

What a greedy world we live in.

-Cameron Home.

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