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There Are Many Forms of Death.

July 6, 2009
When we think of death we immediately think of the physical. That is the stopping of one's bodily function and awareness. Christians that are those who know Christianity recognize there is no death. Yes, many do not grasp that immortal concept but that is what faith is all about. That is where you decide, not God, to spend your eternity. So we have those who's hearts are cold, callus, connivers and the greedy and we have hearts that are the opposite. Sadly, in my opinion the majority the first definition. They are dead but don't know it because they judge life on material things and things of this world.

However, the other kinds of death that can be are varied in nature and sometimes can be seen or recognized by outward signs and other times there are no signs. They of themselves also bring actual death but in varied forms.

What are these deaths I am speaking of? Well many people who are undergoing the trial understand this while others who are not can't seem to grasp that this type of death is an individual one. That is degrees a nd symptoms vary from individual to individual. What I am speaking to is coping.

Of course these days' financial death is one very obvious one and yes the ever popular separation, adultery, betrayal. Yes sickness and accident and a host of others right up there at the top fighting for supremacy. They are all part of the human condition.

So what about financial death? Financially we may never see the death because like a cancer it is slow. It may take considerable time before one reaches that last gasp. In the interim the facade is made that all is well. Trying to cope with it all hope is always alive initially. Hey "hang in there help is on the way", really, hello. The sad part perhaps just not for you. Yes and as friends flee and doors close you find out your true worth in this world. That is who are your friends and family, your true loved ones and yes their motives.

So as a person is destroyed piece by piece their dignity, honor, their self worth and esteem shattered, destroyed, ruined by labels and people who's only zeal in life is making people suffer and die a little each day. Doctors may call this stress and there are multitudes that make a living advising people how to manage their stress, really, hello!  Yes and many times the physical symptoms of that mental anguish appear in varied forms. Of course usually there is no medical help available so one cannot cope, get medical or other help to assist. Also, diet plays a significant role with binges on junk food, brought about by the need to purchase cheap food verse healthy which cost significantly more. Yes a never ending downhill spiral all adding significantly to societies costs. A lesson we never seem to learn.

Then as I mentioned above there are those with the never ending advice and questions. "Have you tried this," "why don't you do this," I "understand" type comments that are meant well but come from few people  and mostly who have no idea, inkling, understanding of the corruptness and non compassion of this system we live in. They even believe the churches help because they grasp a name of an organization or their congregation believes that. Sadly they not wanting to face the reality of what is truth.  You see they would rather put people in tents or parks then in a home or help them stay in a home, reality. They would rather qualify people rather then just help them. Hey we need to keep our surplus for other things, reality as even Paul wrote to 2000 years ago.

Then as I mentioned we have the cheaters, phonies and those who seek personal rewards, pleasure, fulfillment, satisfaction by using others. In some cases this has been going on for years under the facade of love, decent and good. A person may hear "I need to find myself", or "I never loved you", hey look at the baccalaureate, this poor girl doesn't know front from back and she keeps getting hurt. A truly beautiful girl who goes after losers and judges the outside, the book by the cover verses the heart. How do you select a partner when living the good life, trying each other out. Is it like shoes, they fit when I purchased them but now I need a new pair? A sad and troubling commentary of society today is what we have. Where the heart is that persons beliefs and as the bible says so is their God and their works.

So while I can fill pages of the forms of death it is up to you to see where you fit. I am fortunate, I am suffering financial debt and not something worse. I was told I "was" a good customer. Yes that was before they raised my interest to where I could not afford to pay even while I was paying on time. Then they raised other things and that was the icing on the cake. I tried "working it our but like these lenders, the term qualified kept coming up. Yes and this death was after congress; yes all of those you love and love their fellow Americans and that is a fact, every one of them, allowed usury to blossom and strengthened the bankruptcy laws against people while easing those for business. yes who gave away America piece by piece, fact. Yes the killers, those who run from truth, hide in the light, call themselves honorable and always have advice for those they destroy. Get credit counseling, yes from these who bankrupted our nation and many of you are an accomplice to. Sadly it is what it is.

Yes and what of the father out of work who can't cope who turns to drugs, drink, going out a few nights because they need to escape from reality. Yes and when they return reality only worse. They find someone else to relive their past, escape from the kids, the wife who has now lost appeal and who is dealing with all of the problems or vice versa. You see it isn't only men who die. A father and a man who can no longer provide or two parents having to work dead end jobs for minimum wage, two and three and now have children who get into trouble, whose grades slip, who can't pay the light bill so it is turned off, "hey this is a business you know." Yes and who turn to the church to be told, "Hey we helped you this year call back next year."

Yes and the courts that strip you of dignity, self esteem, worth for ten and twelve years while business opens the next day, clean as a fresh water on unsecured debt, no collateral loans and nary a peep, a glance, a gesture from our beloved leaders. Then how about the homeless who they pretend to care about? They are given a tent when thousands of homes remain empty, rotting. Bug and mildew infested and they call that charity, compassion. Yes and they throw a family onto the street regardless of circumstance and sell low, get the write off and the bail out and yes you who call yourselves believers label the people, those dying, those who failed and now need help.

Sure people don't like to read my work because they know, in the very recess of their heart that they are convicted by their lack of care, their attitude and belief. They make excuses for not reading out of fear they will have to face their reality. Yes another death that goes unrecognized. It is at every single level of our nation.

Yes death comes in varied forms and death can even be among the living. Yes "Dead man walking" as the movie says so true. We have become in my opinion a nation of "Dead men walking." How sad that too many walk right past and over them without a care in the world.

Robert T. Melaccio 2009 Copyrights Robert T. Melaccio Sr. 2009

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Robert Melaccio Sr.
has worked in the computer industry for 40 plus years in a diversified business and managerial environments. He enjoys freelance writing, giving seminars for young adults and teen groups as well as being an accomplished award winning poet of published poetry. He has worked teaching and as a youth minister. He is married and has three children and three grandchildren.

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