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What To Look For In a Dating Site.

These days with such easy access to the Internet, more and more people are finding access to love also. I think it's fantastic, but also know that people have to be careful of the scam artists that would love to separate you from your money. It's even more difficult when there's a long distance involved.

Let's take a guy looking for Filipina love for instance. He not only has to sifer through all the Asian dating sites, but then has to make some decisions on which site, or sites, might be right for him.

Some of the key things that I would recommend looking for in a site's advertisement of itself might be "free Filipina dating", because I have found that a site doesn't have to charge members to be good.

Let's say that you find a good free Philippines dating site, or at least found one that looks good, now what?

Moderation : Look around, does the site have good moderation? Adequate moderation? If there are forums, do the moderators step in and keep things under control? Remember, moderators are there to keep the site safe for members and to take the trash out so members don't have to deal with it. If you have any questions, write a moderator asking for help. Most times you'll find them to be very helpful and they are happy that you joined the site.

Sincere members : Do you see profiles that are geared towards real relationships? Are members interactive in journals or forums? Browse the profiles and see what the members are really looking for. It's not too hard to separate the players from the ones looking for Pinay love. If there are too many player types on the site, maybe somethings up. The same goes for the Pinay profiles. Are there too many scantily clad pictures in many of the lady profiles? Look for a solid overall membership.

Forums : What kind of forums does the site have? Does the site have topics that are geared towards Fil-West Couples? Cultural differences? Visa help? What about information to help prevent you from being taken by a scam artist? Make sure that the forums are Filipina family friendly as well as helpful in assisting those that are sincere in their quest for love.

Real people : Are their couples that found love on the site? Are there married couples? Are members finding relationships? What about pictures of couples that met on the site? I have found that on solid Filipina-Western sites, there are usually people that have met in real life, in person. They may even have meet ups of one type or another.

Your profile : As a sincere guy looking for a Filipina partner in life, how would you feel looking through profiles only to find no pictures and very limited information about a Pinay lady? Would this profile peak your interest in a lady? Of course not, and it won't peak a lady's interest in you if your profile is the same. Fill out your profile as completely as possible! Real up to date pictures, real interests, what your hobbies are, what you are looking for in a Pinay lady etc.

I have seen a lot of long distance relationships succeed because of sincere people and a solid site to help them get there. Use the tips I've mentioned and I wish the best of luck to you!

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Bobby Jensen aka Bobbyboy is an amateur fiction writer, blogger and relationship enthusiast. He has been writing about fiction and relationships for two years and enjoys it a great deal. You are welcome to find out more about Bobby at:

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