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18 Great Teen Hairstyle Hair Care Tips & Environmental Friendly Hair Care Treatments

How does the young girl or more mature woman go about choosing the perfect hairstyle? Choosing a perfect hairstyle includes nothing more than selecting a style you like and that it suits the shape of your face. Most teenage girls come looking for a new hairstyle for a special occasion like going to a rave party, or just generally for a new look. We also have teens who like to follow suit of their pop idol or wear a hairstyle because it's in fashion and trendy. Teens who tend to do this believe it to be the in thing to do, but is it though. If a hairstyle is not suited to your face shape then it is not the in thing to do - but a silly thing to do.

To get the perfect teen hairstyle there are guidelines you need to adhere to. Follow the golden rules and you shouldn't have a problem in achieving this. First you need to focus on your good points (face wise) and highlight them - playing down the least best of your features. For instance: if you're forehead is big consider bangs. If your best facial feature is your eyes then avoid long bangs as they may cover them making it hard for their loveliness to show.

It is important at the time of choosing your hairstyle to give consideration to your face shape beforehand. For rounder faces hair would normally be longer, possibly shoulder length to minimize the width of your face. The more ideal hairstyle for the long face shape should be shorter with bangs with hair flipped outward to give your face a broader look. You can make choosing a hairstyle a lot easier by talking to a hairstylist. The hairdresser can supply you with expert advice for your face shape and desired hairstyle.

Teens Go Green Hair Care Tips & More

Hair-care products for shampooing the hair, coloring or styling it that contains natural ingredients makes any hairstyle not just one of perfection but a style to be proud of because of you're consideration for the environment. Your hair and what you do with it is your prerogative, but saving energy at the same time while treating it makes it just that extra bit special.

Every one is looking to do their bit for the environment, but it is the teen we are seeing more of on a wide scale taking great interest in going green. They are showing a more positive approach with their contributions to saving the planet. Girls tend to contribute by using products that is of no threat to the ozone layer etc; while at the same time maintaining a healthy head of hair. Think green energy, and use green products and by doing this you're helping the planet considerably. Starting today and before any beauty quest is endorsed make sure your products are environmental friendly.

Below are helpful hints to help protect the environment and keep you and the people of the world safe.

1. Reduce showering time, and time spent on washing your hair so you don't use as much hot water. Cutting time will have you use less amount of energy. Saving energy protects the planet from serious damage.

2. Don't wash your hair every day it is unnecessary, every other day is fine. The hair benefits greatly from doing this because it gives the hair time to claim back its natural oils that were stripped away during washing. Don't repeat wash like most shampoo containers suggest as it only further strips the hair of the essential oils that make it shine and more manageable.

3. It is more cost effective to purchase a big bottle of shampoo over a smaller one. Of course the bigger bottle will seem to have more plastic, but it also has more shampoo saving you money. In the long run and in comparison to 4 or 5 small bottles of shampoo, the amount of plastic in the bigger bottle will be far less than when buying several bottles of the smaller ones.

4. Use recycled bottles because it helps reduce the amount of pollution and increase the green living of hair care.

5. "Clean" your hair with baking soda. Make sure you wet your hair for this process. Massage a small amount of soda into the scalp and through the hair, then rinse. For your first attempt add two tablespoons of baking soda to your shampoo and rinse.

6. A popular hair treatment includes cornstarch. Sprinkle and spread cornstarch evenly around the roots of your hair. Comb out surplus powder and style as you would normally. This is environmentally friendly on two counts; it helps space out time between shampoos, saving water, and it helps minimize the amount of chemicals swilled down the drain.

7. We have all heard about beer shampoo, and why do you think this is, it's because it has properties that your hair loves. Pour a cup of beer on wet hair, dry and style as usual. Rinse out and see the difference. Hair is shiny and manageable and soft to touch. For that extra glossy sheen use a white vinegar rinse.

8. Its not just the salad that loves the old mayo - your hair does too. Mayonnaise makes a fabulous hair conditioner. Soak hair strands with mayo and leave for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. The secret behind achieving untangled silky hair is to apply shampoo directly over the mayo and lather before you rinse.

9. Is your brown hair looking dull and drab and you want it to appear rich, if so try a coffee rinse. Pour cool coffee onto clean hair and massage in with your fingers and wash out.

10. Treat blonde hair with cool chamomile tea to keep it lively. Pour tea onto your hair as if you were doing a rinse, but don't rinse it out as it has a nice sweet scent if you want to keep it on.

11. If you're looking to cover grey hair then sage tea is considered by many as most effective. Add 2 teaspoons of sage per cup of water and brew let it cool then use it as a rinse.

Are you using environmentally friendly organic ingredients, if so then this means you're not a teen going green, but one who has gone green?

Have you ever asked yourself why some women have beautiful shiny hair full of bounce, and you don't? The reason could be they are using the proper hair care products and treating their hair as advised by the experts. I am not suggesting for one minute that you do not do this, however the slightest mishap in regards to caring for your hair can seriously damage it without your knowledge, and therefore the products you are already using is not up for doing the job.

There is no secret behind acquiring healthy hair. All it needs is servicing regular.

12. Fabulous hair begins with a decent hair cut: It allows the hair to be managed more freely minus spit ends. Using the services of expert hair stylist is a sure guarantee to fix damaged hair or other. Regular trims at the hair salon will help strengthen the hair.

13. Keep hair hydrated: Drink plenty of water.

14. Too much of a good thing can be bad and this applies to hair care products: Overuse of hair care products will weigh your hair down and make it look limp and greasy. Remember this rule: One product to style and one product to finish with and no more.

15. If you use electrical gadgets like a hair dryer, hair straighteners or curling tongs then apply a heat protection product first. Without protection hair can turn frizzy leaving it hard to manage because moisture has been absorbed from the hair.

16. When you sleep the body goes to work repairing hair damage. To prevent your hair from knotting/tangling then use satin pillowcases to rest you're head on.

17. Hair will never look its best if it is not treated with conditioner: To get the best from a deep conditioning session is to cover your head with a plastic wrap or shower cap. This permits heat to penetrate deeper.

18. Healthy Eating : You're diet should include healthy proteins and vitamins. Nourished hair means healthy vibrant hair.

The perfect hairstyle for teens is out there, nevertheless if you're hair is "healthy" then you have perfection so style shouldn't really matter.

How damaged hair can look shiny and healthy with the right treatment
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