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Death of Jeremy Lusk and Faith: Metal Mulisha riders, Deegan, Pastor Josh, and Faisst Respond

Hard-core dirt bike riders live in a world all their own--it's a culture, really. These guys are known for loving family, metal music, tattoos, and a challenge. Some are also known for their Christian faith. In a culture where lifestyles can be far from Christ like, these Christians are faced with the daily challenge of walking in obedience and being a light in a dark place.

Leo Cayetano reports, on the San Diego Hall of Champions front-page, that Lusk recently became a Christian and was vocal about his faith. It is also reported that his wife received Christ the evening before his funeral, and during the funeral, many others came forward to receive Christ as their Savior. Skeptics will say these were emotionally driven decisions and may not be real. Only God knows the hearts of each person who went forward, and time will show those around them. The point is the Gospel was presented at a most appropriate time and place.

In response to the overwhelming flood of questions to Metal Mulisha's Brian Deegan, Pastor Josh, and Ron Faisst, a video has been posted on Youtube. Each of these men share a small portion of their testimony and Pastor Josh gives a simple explanation of what it means to be a Christian.

Fellow rider and friend, Brian Deegan, invited Lusk to the group Bible studies, which led to his decision to surrender his life to Christ.

I invite you to take a few more minutes of your time to view these videos. What a powerful testimony of what the grace of God can do in a life of one who surrenders to Him. Be forewarned, Pastor "Josh" is not your typical clean-cut, suit-wearing pastor. Nevertheless, his Spirit-filled presentation of the Message reaches the hearts of those around him. part 2

Many people outside of this world struggle to understand the risk these men take in their chosen profession. "It seems so senseless", they say. This is understandable and it is for this reason I share this story with all who will listen. Jeremy's death has not been in vain for many reasons. Some the public will never know--but as far as the public goes, two reasons stand out. One we already discussed. Secondly, "Lusk Legacy Foundation" has been set up to help improve safety for all riders and to improve availability of medical personnel at race sites--just to name a few of the goals set by the foundation. For more information or to donate to this organization, visit

Today, March 18th, 2009, is opening day of the Jeremy Lusk Tribute Exhibit at the San Diego Hall of Champions. An exhibition that will surely bring awareness to the Lusk Foundation, bless the Lusk family, and help save the lives of future riders for years to come.

Teresa Ortiz 2009

Sources: San Diego Hall of Champions, Youtube - kirkbenderdotcom .

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