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Political Cartoon Humor, Capitol Building Addition


I read an article a while ago about how an addition to the Capitol building being opened to the public. This addition was not completed on time of on budget which should probably come as no surprise given that it took place where it did. It was at a cost of $600 million dollars all said and done and I believe the article stated that this amount was close to double what was budgeted amount the project was but I could be wrong. Whatever the dollar overage was it represented the same thing that has happened time and again for some time. That is many of the folks we hired to run the government have lost touch with reality with respect to our money and responsible use of it. This cartoon idea came from the opening of this addition where Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid made a comment that this addition would improve the smell for him and his elitist friends during the summer months at the Capitol because some tourists had body odor issues and it was not pleasant being at the Capitol during that time of year. Enjoy and have a great day.

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