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About Islam; Is "Allah" The Same God Of The Christians And Jews?

December 1, 2008
One of my dear friends asked me a general question yesterday about Islam. In our conversation, Justin turned to me and asked, "Since Muslims pray to "Allah," I was wondering if "Allah" is the same God of the Christians and the Jews?" I have heard this question before, just as so many Muslims before me have heard it. This means there is some confusion about it, and some clarification is in order. Yes; Allah is God the Creator, the same God of the Christians and Jews. Here are some relevant Quran Verses about the same God of the Muslims, the Christians, and the Jews:

Submission (Islam): Abraham's Religion

[2:135] They said, "You have to be Jewish or Christian, to be guided." Say, "We follow the religion of Abraham - monotheism - he never was an idol worshiper."

Abraham: Original Messenger of Islam

[4:125] Who is better guided in his religion than one who submits totally to GOD, leads a righteous life, according to the creed of Abraham: monotheism? GOD has chosen Abraham as a beloved friend.

Abraham: Original Messenger of Islam

[22:78] You shall strive for the cause of GOD as you should strive for His cause. He has chosen you and has placed no hardship on you in practicing your religion - the religion of your father Abraham. He is the one who named you "Submitters" originally. Thus, the messenger shall serve as a witness among you, and you shall serve as witnesses among the people. Therefore, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and hold fast to GOD; He is your Lord, the best Lord and the best Supporter.

Muhammad: A Follower of Abraham

[16:123] Then we inspired you (Muhammad) to follow the religion of Abraham, the monotheist; he never was an idol worshiper.

Part of the confusion of Allah and God being the same, is the usage of Arabic. Allah is just the Arabic word for God and does not symbolize a different god. Therefore, it is a fact that when the Christians and Jews who speak Arabic call on God, they say the name "Allah".

Another aspect that adds to the confusion is that there are Muslim leaders who refuse to use the name God even when they are speaking in English. This certainly can cause an illusion that "Allah" is an entirely different deity. Their insistence is a mistake, since we are encouraged in the Quran to: [17:110] "Call Him GOD, or call Him the Most Gracious; whichever name you use, to Him belongs the best names." In the end, we are informed in the Quran, that: [7:180] To GOD belongs the most beautiful names; call upon Him therewith, and disregard those who distort His names.

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