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It's a Short Drama About's Got Relevence To Our Daily Life.

October 28, 2008

Importance of true friendship

Scene I

Narrator: In Bahrain there was a School named Beverly High School . In that school there was a girl named Zainab. She was really pretty and beautiful and this made her really proud. She had all the students hovering like bees around her.

Zanaib : Saima , get my notebook from my bag. And you Atif , Get some fries from me.

And Elina copy the notes for me.

Saima, Elina , Atif : Sure !! Why not! After all what are friends for?

Narrator: She was really smart and acted as a decent girl in front of teachers and so teachers thought of her as a good student. But they were widely mistaken.

Scene II

Narrator: One day Zainab comes to school and finds out that there is a new boy in her class. His name was Saif. He was very handsome and friendly. Soon all the students started hovering around him, leaving Zainab alone. He became very popular in just a few days and this made Zainab jealous.

Saif : Do you need help doing the maths problems??

Zainab : Get lost! I am far better than you in maths and you know it! Don't just show off!

Saif (Thinking): I was just trying to help her..

Narrator: Soon Saif became the favourite of teachers also.

Teacher: Saif can you get the notebooks from my table?

Saif : Sure mam! I will be glad to.

Zainab: Hmmpp!! He is just buttering the teachers so that they stop liking me. What an awful boy!!

Elina : OH No ! Don't say soHe is nice.

Zainab : Keep quiet! Are you with him too??? I don't want friends who don't want me.

Elina : Butbut Zainab listen

Zainab : Keep quiet and get lost ! Never come again

Atif and saima (together): You are being mean to her. She is your friend.

Zainab : So you too?? Get lost! I don't need any friends! (crying and running out)

Scene III

Narrator: The teacher assigns all the students with a project. She says the best one will be rewarded. The next day ..

Atif: Hey Saif! What have you done for the project?

Saif: Important places of Bahrain .

Saima: Sounds Interesting!

Elina: I can't wait to see it!

Saif: Thanks guys for motivating me soo much!

Narrator: Hearing all these Zainab couldn't resist She was burning with anger. She finally decided that she has to be the one who will get the prize.

Zainab (thinking): I don't care what people tell I know mine is the best! I am going to win the prize anyhow. And I can do anything for it!

Narrator: So Zainab came up with a wicked plan to spoil Saif's project. She blotted saif's entire project with ink.

Zainab : (thinking) Now I am sure to be the one winning the prize.

Narrator : The teacher enters the class.

Teacher : Class take out your projects

Saima : I am sure saif's will be the best!

Elina and Atif : We agree.

Teacher : Saif , your project?

Saif : here it is mam..

Teacher : what pile of rubbish is this? Is this the way you submit a project. Get out from the class and I will make sure that you get a D for project.

Saif : But bbuutt. Mam I .. I.

Teacher : keep quite and follow my orders.

Saif : ok mam.. ( sobbing)

Teacher : Zainab your project?

Zainab : here it is teacher.

Teacher : Very good! Very neat! Give a big hand for the winner.

Narrator : That day after school .

Elina , Atif , Saima (murmuring) : I am sure Zainab spoilt the project.

Zainab ( passing by) : I love the way my hair bounces. Ah! My head is aching.

Elina , Atif , Saima : It serves her right.

Narrator : That day by the time Zainab reached home, she had high fever and by the evening she had Chickenpox.

Zainab : Yuck! I look gross!

Mother : Zainab , sleep and take rest. And no going to school for 2 weeks.

Zainab : (feeling sad) I am feeling soo lonely. No one is going to come and see me. I have no friends.

Mother : Zainab!! Some one has come to meet you.

Zainab : (feeling excited) : Who ? Who is it??

Saif : Its me Saif! I just came to know that u are unwell and so just thought of dropping in . I have got some flowers and the notes of science and english.

Zainab : Oh Saif! Thank you soo much! I never thought you would come to see me.

Saif : What are friends for?

Zainab : thanks. Actually I want to tell you something .

Saif : What?

Zainab : Actually I I was the one who blotted ink on your project and got you embarrassed in front of teacher. But I have realized my mistake and I am really sorry!

Saif : That's ok. I kind of knew it . But its good that you yourself confessed otherwise I would have felt really bad. So Friends??

Zainab : yeah ( smiling) Friends.

Narrator : And since then Saif and Zainab became true friends and were never separated.

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