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Threatened By Others' Relationships.

    I tend to think to myself sometimes why would someone reading a post in a blog be kind of snippy with their comments. Sometimes posters are even outright hurtful! I know some posts/topics are a serious subject for some and can tend to bring out strong opinions and even emotions. But, why not bring across your points in a constructive way leaving the possibility of persuasion open?

Other than posters of this kind just being blow hards, I think it boils down to a perceived personal threat. For example, maybe someone posts about an "Open relationship" that works for their situation. They post a constructive, non judgmental blog about their situation and why they believe it works for them. Readers usually have an open mind and more importantly, respect for another's opinions and lifestyle. Then there are those that are part of the moral majority who feel it's their mission in life to point out how wrong the poster is and how they need to change their ways. Maybe there's a strong religious background, and/or a very strict and ignorant upbringing. I believe these people feel threatened by the actions and beliefs of others as though there's a force out there somewhere trying to change THEIR way and beliefs.

Some of these people seem to think that an open mind is the enemy, yet that ignorance and intolerance for others is the key to a better world somehow. They have it backwards. Tolerance or open mindedness are not  diseases or an army ready to burst through your door and turn you gay, or make you have a threesome.

We feel threatened because we believe we are under attack. That someone is trying to chance our person, our core beliefs-they're not! They are trying to express their ideas, feelings and beliefs just like you and I are free to do. Maybe I'm a part of the minority, but I find expression and freedom to do so, a non threat to my person and a beautiful thing! Imagine a world without it?

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Bobby Jensen aka Bobbyboy is an amateur fiction writer, blogger and relationship enthusiast. He has been writing about fiction and relationships for two years and enjoys it a great deal. You are welcome to find out more about Bobby at:

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