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What Does LOL Mean? 19 Different Things and Counting

September 21, 2008
You've probably seen this acronym at the end of a comment, sentence or chat online. The first time I saw it, I thought the writer had insulted me. So I struck back hard with something nastier. Then I found out what each letter of LOL stood for, and I felt like a fool, really stupid. But then as I stumbled upon other meanings of LOL, I thought, "May be I was right to feel insulted the first time someone gave me the LOL."

Since then, here are some of the meanings of LOL that I have found, plus others I have in mind myself, depending on whether the online chat is friendly, ugly or downright mean.

  1. Lots Of Love: straight from the heart; a warm fuzzy feeling that can travel across electrons.
  2. Left Over Love: the one you still have for your former sweetheart.
  3. Loser Of Losers: for someone you really despise, or someone you're frustrated with; the worst kind of loser; worse than a loser.
  4. Left Over Loser: a loser that is sour; may be the same as a sore loser, only worse off.
  5. Lord Of Lords: no, not "Lord Of the Ring"; that would be LOR. LOL in this case is a title of that most popular person whoever lived -- Jesus Christ, whom the Bible calls "Lord of Lords".
  6. Learn Or Lose: similar to sink or swim; that's what you tell someone who lacks any drive, who's too lazy to get off his butt, leave the cave, kill something and drag it home.
  7. Lots Of Lies: refers to a habitual liar; please don't say President Bill Clinton, and don't you say President George W. Bush.
  8. Live Or Leave: for someone who needs to get a life; also for a child who refuses to live by your rules, though he or she eats your food, sleeps in your house, rides in your car with your gas in it, not to mention that the child came from your loins or womb in the first place.
  9. Leave Or Live: same as the above.
  10. Laugh Out Loud: invitation to and motivation for someone who's humor-challenged, someone who takes life too seriously, a license to loosen up and have some fun.
  11. Log Off Loser: insult for your Internet adversary, a faceless enemy whom you wish to suffer electronic dead end or electronic death.
  12. Loser On Line: you've spent all kinds of money on get-rich-quick Internet schemes or opportunities, but you're still broke, and you're paying for wealth opps.
  13. Live On Line: when you want to slam your kid, boyfriend, or husband who spends too much time on the web, like he or she is married to the computer or worse.
  14. Land Of Liberty: that's a nickname for the United States of America; the name "Liberia" (a country in West Africa) also means "land of liberty"; it should be the description of every country where the people think they are free to own property, make a profit, and curse their leaders by graffiti, on the web or over the airwaves, without fear of being arrested, intimidated or tortured.
  15. Live On Lawn: it's the farthest distance to which an unhappy wife can exile her insensitive husband; the lawn is like the dog house, worse than the couch; I haven't been kicked out that far...YET.
  16. Little Or Lot: it's what you tell human resources when you're desperate for a job and a pay check, or when your income has dropped and sunk like a rock -- I will take little or lot.
  17. Li'l Ole Lady: short for Little Old Lady; what you call Mom, Grandma, or any female senior citizen you're having problems with right now, or it could be words of endearment in some cases.
  18. Lots Of Ladies: from a guy who just likes to hang out with the ladies; perhaps a womanizer.
  19. Left Over Lady: you're a guy, and your buddy grabbed the prettier girl, and now you're stuck with this one; LOL!
So what does LOL stand for? Sometimes it's hard to tell. It depends. It could mean sky-high praise, goose-bumps love, ice-cold indifference, or outright insult. It depends who says it, how s/he says it, to whom, when, and where it is said. Take your pick.

What else could LOL mean?
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Mogama (Moses Garswa Matally) is graced with one loyal wife and three lovely children. He is a native of Liberia and the author of Refugee Was My Name, a memoir of his flight from civil war, and life in a refugee camp, before migrating to the United States. Also known as Brother G, the founding pastor of Church For All holds an Associate in Computer Technology from Owensboro Community & Technical College, a Bachelor of Theology from Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Website;email

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