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Preppy Look Christmas Decorating Tips and After Christmas Cleaning Tips

August 4, 2008
You might think about buying a tree-disposal bag and place it under the stand when you put the tree up, or invest in a pre-lit artificial tree. If you decide to stay with "real," remember to keep the tree well watered; fewer needles will fall for clean up later on.

For the Preppy Look Decorating Ideas:

  • Cable-knit cuffs add a soft touch to stockings trimmed with playful belts and a bow
  • Tie ribbons to boughs or loop them into a chain for your tree
  • The mantel will look nice dressed up with evergreen branches sprinkled with glass balls and mini white trees. Finish the look with swag of twisted ribbons.
  • For something different with gift wrapping, skip all the holiday-themed gift wrap and use colorful stripes or cheerful checks. Coordinate the colors and mix as many different patterns as you desire.
  • To liven up your window views, string glass ornaments on bright ribbons across the window. Balance preppy polka-dots and striped prints with solid-colored balls.
  • Create a corduroy stocking: Stuff a store-bought corduroy stocking with paper. Fold a six-inch length of cable-knit fabric over the top of the stocking and affix with hot glue. Attach bows and belts with hot glue.
  • To make ribbon chains for the tree: Each loop: layer two equal lengths of coordinated (not matching) ribbon; affix lengths with double-sided tape. Align ends to make loop and attach with double-sided tape.

After Christmas clean-up tips:

  • Pull off the tree skirt, then toss some towels around the base of the trunk to provide a cushion for ornaments that might drop (this will keep them from breaking hopefully)
  • Get out the storage boxes. You can use empty cartons or sturdy gift boxes ready for the trash
  • Start removing the decorations from the bottom of the tree up to keep from knocking off lower ornaments as you reach for those on top
  • Always leave the hooks on (if they do not damage the ornament) so they are ready to go next year
  • Quickly wrap ornaments that do not have their own boxes or slots in tissue paper, used wrapping paper or newspaper
  • Remove lights, one string at a time, loop them around your forearm as you would extension cords, secure in the middle with a rubber band, pipe cleaner or twist tie. Pack them away.
  • Put a large drop cloth or bed sheet on the floor
  • Remove the skirt or the towels you placed at the base
  • Shake the mess onto the sheet
  • Use a turkey baster and siphon out the water remaining in the stand
  • Be sure you have an assistant, now set the tree down on its side, stand and all
  • Remove the stand
  • Hold the sheet like a giant sling, now with the help of your assistant, carry or drag the tree to the disposal spot. Roll it out from the sheet
  • To remove needles from the carpet, sprinkle the area with a little baking soda to coat the needles, and suck them up in the vacuum.

Relax; it is over, until next year.

Source: Hwang C. The preppy look. Good Housekeeping [serial online]. December 2005;241(5):140. Available from: MAS Ultra - School Edition, Ipswich , MA . Accessed August 1, 2008.

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