According to Wikipedia , "researchers have estimated that between 1.7 percent and 6 percent of married people are involved in open marriages." Wikipedia claims that definitional issues among participants vary greatly in order to have a clear definition.

For the sake of this article, I'll define open marriage as: "The incidence of having affairs outside the marriage with the partners knowledge." This way we have a working knowledge of what we are discussing in this topic.

It seems to me that there are times where a marriage/relationship may become stale and the couple may want to bring in a little excitement and variety. If both partners agree and can handle an open relationship, then all is well. I think the problem with definition lies in that one partner may not be clear as to any guidelines in the relationship; what is allowed or accepted and what is not. Also, one partner may go along with this type relationship to appease the other partner or maybe one partner has a much higher sex drive than the other. There seem to be many possible reasons.

I would tend to think that the percentage of open relationships is a little higher. I believe this because in our, and many other societies, experimentation is still a kind of taboo, especially when it comes to sex. Health and sex has the figure around 4% to 9% in the U.S.

If a couple has the ability to experiment with an open relationship and finds their marriage is a more rewarding one void of some of the roadblocks that can hinder this type of relationship, like jealousy, then in my opinion it's a winner.

Open marriage/relationships may not be for everyone, but they are for some. I believe that if our society maintained an open mind about these and other types of relationships, there would be more healthy and happy relationships and therefore a better society.

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