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Easter Bunny e-cards, from the sweet, to the Naughty Bunny for your sweetheart this Easter.

February 16, 2008
Schedule your Easter e-cards early, March 23rd!

Whether you are celebrating Easter for the Chocolate, or for the Celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, sending e-cards to your loved ones is a time honoured tradition. I have a list of some of the best Easter ecards, the sweetest, cutest, funniest, and yep even Romantic, Sensuous, and Naughty Easter Bunny Card links.. just to save you time.

Here ya go..

What better place to spread Easter Cheer, then to start with Hershey.  They have a special Easter ecard maker, they have animations to choose from, with different cute little songs.

Jupiter Greetings
Jupiter Greetings is NOT a free site. They have a membership charge, but if you don't care about that sort of thing, and don't mind paying, then this site is worth checking out. It has some gorges ecards, the images are in 3D, they have some really pretty Religious cards, some fabulously cute bunny ones. They have a funny bunny rapper, who sings Have a Hip Hop Happy Easter. He's adorable.

Mushy Gushy Grams.
Will always be on my list of favourites. I love love love mushy Grams. You can put a picture of your kids, your hubby, yourself, and they become animated. The animated are high quality, and you can customize the greeting in sooo many ways. Change their skin tone, with loads of other features. What better way to say Happy Easter to the one you love, they don't have an Easter Category yet, but there are lots of fun cards on there, and you can customize it for Easter, if you wanted to, especially if you're missing someone special this Easter.
123 Greetings.
Happy Easter Time, and 123 has some special treats for you. They have the cutest little Easter Weester ecards. They have some html codes for some of their Easter ecards, and you can link it to your Myspace. Flash, interactive, animated. They have missing you Eggs-trabig this Easter, Wish we could be together this Easter, Thinking of you this Easter. They have an Easter Candy section, Easter Birthday, and Easter Hunt. Worth looking at, 123 Greetings can meet all your needs.

Card Fountain.
Found it's way onto another list of my best Holliday ecards. A list of Inspired by the Lord, Easter Fun ecards, some bunny loves you.
Talking Easter Cards, personalized with your own photo. It's all easy to do on this site. These cards aren't free, you have a membership to pay, so if you don't care about paying, it's a great fun site to try.

Adoring You.
Very sweet Easter Cards with Romantic Gestrures of Love. One Card says, Today is Special, because it's my first Easter with you. Another one says, You're My Adorable Bunny. Very Sweet for the Romantic at Heart.

Naughty Bunny Easter ecards.

Fun Greets.
Naughty Romance ecards, and even cute Naughty Pink Bunny ecards. Hug your sexy hot bunny for Easter. Guys and Girls ecards. This site is loaded with sensual, erotic and some cheesey ecards, or postcards. If you're a Naughty Bunny this year, than this site is for you.

They have a cute and Naughty Rap animated Easter Bunny, with little dancing chicks, wearing bunny ears.  A cute rendition of Rapper's Delight. You can add the little Rapper bunny to your Myspace, using their html code. This site also have some naughty ecards, flirt cards, and some adult birthday cards. A little bit crude, but if
that's your thing, than this is for you.

Youtube. Easter Bunny Boogie.
This boogie oogie bunny is the tops. There is a cute Easter Video on Youtube that you'll love, it's by It's sooo cute, this little bunny rocks. He is one silly green bunny, and the music is cool. Worth a look. It's been viewed 143,000 so far.

Hipster makes my list of great ecards sites. Their Easter ecards are filled with Naughty Bunnies, mixed with some cheesy humor. Check out these Freaky Easter Bunnies, Sexy Easter Bunny ecards, with a mix of sweet and sassy. If you are looking for something different this Easter Season, send a hipster ecard, it's a step off the beaten track of just cute little bouncy bunnies.

Lastly we have the Sexy Easter Bunny!

Banjo Bunny.
Sexy Girl comes out of an egg. How do you like your eggs Sugar?'
Banjo Bunny, Sexy eCard
Is making my list again. They have some really cute bunny and chick Easter ecards that are sure to make you smile. This site donates to a good cause every time you send an ecard, so you are not only making a loved one feel good, you are also helping the enviornment, an endangered animal, or whatever the cause, you'll know it's a good one.

Check back, I update my articles often.
For more Easter Ecards, here's a link to another of my Easter Ecard Sites.
Happy Easter
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