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Great Savings Opportunities of the Internet

October 12, 2007
Clever Ace
While last decades the Internet not only have altered America's lifestyle but make it cheaper for experienced consumers. These days' two out of three American homes have one or more computers, and access to the Internet. Although any user needs to spend some funds to buy a computer and peripherals, software, support for home computer system, effect from using this equipment can be much more, and bring to this user a profit and great savings.

It is no wonder that such products as computers and software, books, consumer electronics, - are the most popular online products. Services such as hotel reservation, air travel and investments have successfully transitioned themselves to the Internet.

Let analyze below advantage of online available products and services, which can save not only money but also something just as precious -time.

1. Online shopping. Online-shopped products must be cheaper than the same ones in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, because sellers usually don't need to rent retail and storage spaces, to have many employees, sometimes pays taxes, and so on. Many shoppers are ordering online from the favorite Web sites, or they are visiting Web sites to make their choices before traveling to the brick-and-mortar store itself. Internet online stores are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Assortment of goods in this stores are often more complete than those of their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Some of the top concerns for online shoppers are website security, excellent product images and details, fast shipping, and above all, good return policies and warranty, excellent customer service.

2. Price comparison service and product review. Consumers can compare products within or between stores by price search engines like NexTag, QuickTime, PriceGrabber. Difference of product prices can be in the online stores significant (15-30%), because the stores have different internal business models. RoboShopper allows also access to the best product review and rating sites.

3. Coupons savings. Sites such as eBates, MyCoupons, collect and gather coupon (promotion) codes that electronic retailers release to their best customers or place on other websites to attract new customers. On eBates user can receive up to 10% cash back.

4. Local deal savings. Many of us still like to see, touch, or test any product before buying. sorts through newspaper inserts, weekly circulars, and even junk mail to create a master list of advertised sale items. Just choose the state, pick the product category, and you can find the local retailer with the best deal.

5. International shopping.

The Internet has expanded the international marketplace. Some stores like the Sharper Image accepts orders for delivery worldwide. offers International Shipping from every store in the USA to over 200 Countries

Use International-Orders Checkout to order from stores that do not ship internationally and receive your goods within a few days. also allows you to checkout in over twenty languages and calculates every foreign currency.

6. Saving on bank transaction expenses. If you want to buy or sell something abroad (within USA too), you can use service of online payment of the PayPal, available to people in 38 countries. PayPal is an account-based online bank that allows anyone with an e-mail address to send and receive online payments. E-gold is a gold based e-currency payment processor system similar to Paypal. offers fastest way to send money online- typically within minutes.

7. Car expenses savings. allows to make comparison for gasoline in your neighborhood or city. You can see lowest and highest prices within last 48 hours to pick the best gasoline station. Savings can be up to 10% of gasoline expenses.

8. Postage expenses savings. The average household receives about 10-15 bills a month. With stamps at 41 cents, you pay about $73.5 a year just on postage. Instead, use your bank free online checking, easily accessed from any computer. If you set your payments to "automatic", you will never pay a late fee.

9. Telephone expenses savings. Typical telephone bill for average household runs about $80. Using Skype, Vonage or a similar Voice-over Internet Protocol service to talk by computer gives you unlimited calls world wide- plus caller Id, call waiting, and 911 service for $25 or less a month.

10. Time savings. Google Checkout allows buying from stores with a single Google login – no more entering the same info each time you buy, and no more having to remember different usernames and passwords for each store. To help you find places to shop, you'll see a little icon on the ads of stores offering Google Checkout. It is an easy way to identify fast, secure places to shop when you search.

Dr. Yuri Iserlis is president of Clever Ace (Former-president of Intellectual systems, Inc. in Russia). He can be reached at

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