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Go Green this Halloween – Eco-Friendly Party and Decorating Ideas

September 6, 2007
Holiday Treasures
It is really pretty easy to adopt greener ways to celebrate the coming Halloween season. Here are a few ideas to help celebrate the holiday, help keep our environment clean and save you money.


Paper Halloween party invitations are appealing but try recycling your invitation into something and avoid the wasted paper. Make your Halloween party invitations something theyll want to keep. Most dollar stores carry a variety of affordable favors that you can use for this Halloween party idea.

Throwing a Halloween party for kids? Instead of traditional paper Halloween party invitations, try using inexpensive party favors. Transform a Halloween treat bag into a unique party invitation by simply writing all the party information right on the bag. Have the kids bring their bag to the party so they can fill it with treats.

Luminary bags also work well for this Halloween party idea. Ask the guests to bring their luminary bag with them to the party and your invitation just turned into a Halloween party decoration!


I see so many parents following their kids in the car as they trick-or-treat. Weather permitting, why not join them as they scare all the neighbors! Youve just cut down on gas emissions, saved money, gotten some exercise and had fun doing it!


Whether it is Halloween decorations or party supplies, paper is the best choice. It is affordable and most of all recyclable. There are numerous choices of garland, streamers, table coverings and window dcor.

For entertaining, use Halloween themed paper cups, plates and napkins for your party. They make clean up easy, just throw them in the recycle bin and youre done!

Also, dont forget all those aluminum cans, plastic utensils and bottles, they can all be recycled too.


If you have kids planning to head out for some treats this Halloween, give them a Halloween themed gift or treat bag to use for collecting their candy instead of the traditional plastic pumpkin. Usually the pumpkin gets discarded after awhile anyway. A Halloween themed gift bag makes a perfect one shot candy holder that can then be easily discarded and recycled.


Most people who decorate with lights for Halloween know to expect an increase in their power bill. Did you know you can save up to 90% on your total energy bill by using L.E.D. Halloween lights? L.E.D. Halloween lights burn brighter, cooler, longer and more efficiently than their traditional counterparts.

Because L.E.D. Halloween lights burn cooler than incandescent lights, the risk of someone being burned by them is all but eliminated also.

L.E.D. lights last years longer than incandescent (up to twelve depending on the color). This means you wont be throwing away lights and replacing them with new ones as often. Youll be keeping waste down and saving money.

By burning less energy, less pollution is created to generate the extra power we all use at Halloween for our lights and lighted decorations.

Going green is the responsibility of all of us. As you plan your party and decorate for Halloween this year, think of ways to create a festive, fun atmosphere without creating the waste. With just a little effort, using these Halloween decorating and party ideas are sure to keep more cash in your pocket and help our environment stay clean and healthy. Happy Halloween!

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