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How To Treat Gout Symptom Problems

February 26, 2007
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How To Treat Gout Symptom Problems

In about 95% of cases, it is the male of the species that has to suffer the pain and discomfort of gout. And it not surprising that with symptoms including, sudden pain, swelling and stiffness, they would want to treat gout symptom issues as soon as possible.

The majority of gout attacks involve the foot, and usually the big toe, and they can last as little as a few days and sometime clear up on their own. However, most gout sufferers will need to change certain aspects of their current lives to initially relieve themselves of the gout symptoms, and also to ensure that they do not suffer further flare-ups in the future.

It's important to note that that gout is never ignored. It could be symptomatic of other issues that may only reoccur again further down the road if not dealt with successfully when it first appears.

Gout is not something that anyone should have to suffer from for a prolonged period. Especially as there are proven methods that can help the sufferer banish the symptoms of gout effectively.

Let's start with a very brief background as to what gout is.

Gout is basically related to high levels of purine in the body, which in turn leads to excessive amounts of uric acid being produced. This uric acid crystallizes and pools in the connective tissue and spaces between the joints.

Elevated levels of purine usually come from a diet that is rich in foods that are high in purine, such as meat extracts, offal and gravies.

So, there are a few areas that need to be focused on to relieve the gout sufferer as soon as possible

1. Reduce the pain and swelling. There are a number of natural anti-inflammatory options open to the gout sufferer, which are expanded further on our web site. There are also a number of non steriodal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and other anti inflammatory drugs that can be prescribed to the sufferer by a medical professional, although it is important to always check on the potential side effects.

2. Reduce the levels of uric acid in the body. This is usually achieved by adopting a diet that substitutes foods high in purine for those that are low in purine. This will often mean adopting a diet that is normally lower in protein, lower in fat, but higher in carbohydrates.
In addition, It is advisable to drink between 2-3 liters of water per day to dilute the levels of uric acid in the body.

3. Prevent further gout attacks. The optimum way to prevent future attacks is adopt a “gout friendly" lifestyle, which would include changes to the diet, reducing weight and exercising regularly. These lifestyle changes are discussed in more detail on our web site and will help keep gout symptoms at bay.

Being aware of the causes of gout, and the best way of preventing gout in the future can only help sufferers gain control and treat gout symptom effects more successfully, and relieve their symptoms quicker.

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