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More Barbie Doll Fun Facts - Do You Remember?

February 23, 2007

The Mattel Barbie doll has been popular for nearly 50 years now. While there are many reasons for this, Mattel has marketed Barbie in a way that has made her the most successful doll in toy history. Here is a trip through Barbie doll history and a look at what has made her what she is today, an icon.

1. Barbie made her initial debut in 1959 wearing a black and white striped swimsuit.

2. Barbie is named after the daughter of the original inventor, Barbara.

3. The first year Mattel sold the Barbie doll, over 350,000 of them were sold.

4. Mattel has produced nearly 1 billion different fashions over the years for Barbie and her other friends and relatives.

5. More than 1 billion pairs of shoes have been made for Barbie.

6. Barbie's favorite color - pink.

7. The year 2000 was a milestone for the Barbie doll. She got a belly button.

8. World renowned fashion designers such as Gucci, Versace, Givenchy and others, have all designed fashion clothes for the Barbie doll.

9. Barbie doll became an Olympian in 1975.

10. The Pentagon had the final approval on the series of military Barbies.

11. There has been enough Barbie dolls and her friends sold that it would circle the world nearly 8 times.

12. Barbie has appeared in over 40 various nationalities.

13. Barbie has had all kinds of pets over the years, including 6 cats, a dozen horses, and even a zebra.

14. The very popular Ken doll was the name of the inventor's son.

15. Barbie's real name is Barbie Millicent Roberts and she is from the state of Wisconsin.

16. Who was Barbie's best friend? Midge, of course. She first appeared in 1963.

What does the future have in store for Barbie? No one knows for sure, but with her 50th birthday only a few years away, you can bet it will be something big!

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